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Perimeter Detection Systems

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems | Correctional Facilities

Correctional Facilities

Correctional facilities are among the largest markets that require advanced security and rely on professional perimeter detection systems that are guaranteed to work.

Fence Mounted Intrusion Detection | Military Perimeter Detection Systems

Military Bases

When attention to detail matters, it’s important to make sure the best security system is used. Military bases are one of the top markets we serve because of their need for a high level of security and sensitive information.

Perimeter Security Systems | Security Markets Served Nuclear

Nuclear Plants

Nuclear plants require security systems that ensure the plant is not breached. We serve this market with our state of the art security fences.

Hydra | Security Markets Served Utility Substations

Utility Substations

Utility substations rely on strong security fences and other technology that can prevent breaches. Protection is necessary at these locations and is available with our security products.

Infinity 2020 | Security Markets Served Gas & Oil

Gas & Oil Distribution

For protection from intruders and other issues, perimeter detection systems can be used in the gas and oil distribution. It is one of the biggest markets we serve.

Digital Microwave Protection | Security Markets Served Trucking Terminals

Trucking Terminals

Trucking terminals are one of the markets that rely on foolproof systems. Our products can be installed in these markets to improve security and protection.

Security Fence | Perimeter Detection Systems | Construction Yards

Construction Yards

With expensive materials and sensitive information, construction sites rely on security systems for protection. We offer products to this market.

Perimeter Detection Systems | Markets Served Distribution Centers

Distribution Centers

Distribution centers are prone to theft and other breeches in security. Our fences protect and secure the perimeter of these massive buildings.

Integrated Security Corporation | Security Markets Served Cannabis Grows

Cannabis Grow Facilities

With products that are in high demand and a high rate of theft, proper security is essential. Integrated Security offers that protection. 

Integrated Security Corporation | Perimeter Detection Systems | Auto Dealerships

Auto Dealerships

Even though many vehicles come with a security system, it’s still essential to protect the facility and inventory from theft and vandalism. Perimeter security solutions solve many problems for auto dealers.

Perimeter Security Systems | Security Markets Served Cell Towers

Cell Towers

It’s important for this communication systems to have an accurate digital monitoring system especially in rural areas. We provide valuable perimeter security and monitoring with our perimeter detection systems.

Security Fence | Agriculture Perimeter Detection Systems


Integrated Security helps improve agricultural sites in many different ways. Protection products serve various purposes in this market.

Security Fence | Agriculture Perimeter Detection Systems

Cultural & Landmarks

From small museums to multi-acre historical sites, ISC provides unique security solutions for cultural site protection, landmarks, heritage sites and high-value artifacts.

Security Fence | Agriculture Perimeter Detection Systems

Residential & VIP

Integrated Security Corporation offers VIP residential perimeter security, including gated community security systems, government building PIDS and security systems for large properties. Each type of property needs to have specific perimeter security to ensure every aspect of the property is protected.

airport security systems | airport perimeter security | airport perimeter fence requirements | airfield perimeter security


Airports have a variety of security needs to protect their staff, customers and visitors, as well as their facilities, infrastructure and equipment.

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