Airport Security Systems

Integrated Security Corporation is a trusted partner in airport security systems throughout the United States. Specializing in individual airport perimeter security solutions for every client, Integrated Security Corporation is the smart choice when it comes to airfield perimeter security.

Airport Security Types

Perimeter security in its most basic form is all about deterring, detecting, assessing and acting on a perceived security threat. Most normal size buildings rely heavily on either vehicle or foot patrolman. However, this is a highly improbable approach with the incredible size of an airport as well as the adjoining airfields. To provide effective airport perimeter security, a mix of many different digital aspects must be used. Perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) along with a mix of microwaves are ideal for this type of large and expansive property. Integrated Security Corporation offers only high-tech and reliable airfield perimeter security options including both PIDS and digital microwaves.

Why Airport Security Systems are Important

It goes without saying that security anywhere you go is important. Air travel is no exception. It is imperative that airports make all of their staff, customers and visitors feel safe at the airport. They also need to protect their facilities, infrastructure and equipment. To do so, many airfields have implemented fences surrounding their property. While fences are a standard practice to keep unwanted visitors out, the sheer traffic and size of most airports make it easy to overlook any fencing deterrents. A major problem with most airport perimeter fence requirements is that there are not many options to arm the entirety of an airfield’s fencing, or the cost well outweighs the perceived benefit.

On the other hand, many airports have opted to utilize digital microwaves to help pinpoint when a particular disturbance could turn into a large issue for the safety of the airport and all of its customers. Most standard microwaves are analog based and can interfere with other wave based transmissions like flight control towers.

Airport Security System Options

Keeping the safety and security of airport employees, patrons, facility, equipment at the top of mind, the Hydra, Infinity 2020 and Digital Microwaves are reliable components of comprehensive airport security systems.

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The Hydra Asset Protection System is composed of three parts: dual detection wireless sensors, antenna and a gateway enclosure. The way the Hydra works is that it uses the sensors to sense both short and passive infrared signatures, filtering out false alarms and even erratic temperature or weather occurrences. If a disturbance is deemed valid, the sensors immediately transfer that information through the antenna to the gateway enclosure and the team is notified via their preferred method of communication. The flexibility of Hydra makes the airport perimeter fence requirements very minimal — you can even put Hydra directly on assets, making it extremely valuable for all different types of airport fences.

Infinity 2020

The Infinity 2020 is the best perimeter intrusion detection system on the market today. This system has unmatched accuracy as well as an industry leading low false alarm rate. There are very few airport perimeter fence requirements for this model as well, and allows its users to retain a high level of sensitivity while being able to filter out unnecessary disturbances like storms or lightning. The Infinity also has an astoundingly low cost installation and zero annual maintenance required.

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Digital Microwaves

Normal microwaves are analog and do not work well being in a highly trafficked area like airport perimeter security. What does work is digital microwaves. Digital microwaves are a transmitter and receiver pair that operate in the X-band and provide the highest level of disturbance detection in the industry. Fuzzy logic is one of the key areas these digital microwaves thrive in to realize a threat or not. Regardless of determined threat or not, all disturbances are tracked to be viewed at a later time.

Airfield Perimeter Security

Integrated Security Corporation is the best choice for all of your airfield perimeter security needs. With multiple industry leading products to choose from and highly rated reviews, you can’t go wrong with Integrated Security Corporation. Contact us today and talk to one of our certified security specialists.