Protect Perimeters with Trucking Terminal Security

Security is paramount in the trucking industry. Without it, you risk hefty insurance loss claims and noncompliance with the Department of Transportation. The safest way to avoid damage, loss and legal problems is to implement a trucking terminal security system.

Maintain Workplace Security

The perimeter of your business is the easiest way for someone to gain entry to a trucking terminal undetected.
There are several ways to protect the perimeter of a property.

Start by adding a structural barrier in the form of a chain-link, wire or wall fence with a gate. Use natural barriers such as ponds or other bodies of water wherever possible. Add high-tech protection including capacitance sensors, spot protection sensors, proximity sensors and passive infra-red (PIR), as well as pressure mats and switches.

Integrated Security Corporation makes it easy to determine which technologies or natural features are the best options to optimize your trucking terminal security. We will conduct a perimeter scan and site evaluation and then make recommendations for personalized perimeter security services.

Carrier Insurance Cost Increases

One single intrusion into a trucking terminal will put a business at risk for closure, due to the increased costs of insurance premiums resulting from claims. An insecure trucking terminal puts your facility at risk for cargo theft. And unfortunately, cargo theft is a rising crime in the trucking industry.

In addition to the cost of theft, an insecure trucking terminal is also susceptible to being dropped by the insurance company. Avoid the headache and extra work by choosing a secure perimeter protection system for your trucking terminal today.

Provide Customer Confidence

Operating a trucking business is serious. Image is everything. Your property provides clients and customers with insight about company operations. Whether hiring new truck drivers or promoting your freight hauling service to shippers and local customers, having clear perimeter protection will give employees and customers confidence.

OSHA Approved Worksite

Companies are required to ensure the safety of workers at all times. The best way to protect your employees is to provide reliable perimeter security. Reduce potential risks to worker safety as required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Integrated Security Corp. provides perimeter security systems to maintain a secure trucking company terminal and worksite, while minimizing any potential OSHA penalties.

Trucking Terminal Security

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