Correctional Facility Security: Protect Your Perimeter

Protecting a correctional facility is a unique position — you are not only protecting the inmates from the outside, but you are also protecting the outside from the inmates. Do not leave such an important job to standard perimeter security for correctional facilities. You need top-of-the-line correctional facility security. Talk to the pros at Integrated Security Corporation.

Capacity Increase Means Risk Increase

As correctional facilities become more crowded, the chance of problems drastically increases. While the whole point of a correctional facility is to keep inmates in and society out, preventing problems on the perimeter of the facility is equally important. It is essential that correctional facilities do everything in their power to ensure the safety and security of both people and property.

There are a lot of different things to consider when you are protecting a correctional facility’s perimeter. For instance, the majority of traditional security systems on the market today do not provide the level of monitoring required by correctional facilities. Standard perimeter security systems partnered with hired security guards are not up to par with the evolving needs of correctional facility security.

That is why Integrated Security Corporation utilizes only the most advanced technologies to locate and report potential problems before they occur.

Integrated Security Corporation is proud to partner with countless correctional facilities throughout the United States. We recognize the unique challenges correctional facilities are faced with in today’s ever-changing world. We are flexible and able to adapt security measures as necessary. No matter the size or location of your correctional facility, trusting ISC to protect it is something you cannot pass up.

Do Not Let Volatility Be Your Downfall

Danger is the name of the game when dealing with correctional facilities — on both sides of the perimeter. Due to the general hostility that permeates such facilities, even the most docile situations can quickly escalate or become lethal.

Unfortunately, prison administrators and staff can’t be everywhere at once. With the population of inmates constantly on the rise, sophisticated perimeter security for correctional facilities must exist both inside and outside the perimeter. With growing numbers of inmates under one roof, installing and accessing the most advanced correctional facility perimeter security systems available is vital to safety management. Integrated Security Corporation is your only option.

See What Options Are Available

Integrated Security Corporation only offers the most advanced security solutions for your correctional facility perimeter. We are proud to introduce the Hydra, Infinity 2020 and Digital Microwaves. Check out each one below to see which is best for your facility’s protection.

Hydra: The Hydra is the state of the art security system for PIDS (Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems). The system uses short-range passive infrared dual detection sensors, which is unheard of on standard security systems. This advanced technology drastically reduces the potential for false alarms and mitigates the potential for security breaches tenfold.

Infinity 2020: The Infinity is a top choice for organizations that work in high-risk situations such as correctional facilities and nuclear power plants. It is also compatible with many types of fences.

Digital Microwaves: Digital microwaves account for a disturbance’s speed, shape and size. Integrated Security Corporation’s digital microwaves allow customers to filter out different disturbances that are not actual threats, thus cutting down on the number of false alarms on an annual basis.

Security in Peace of Mind

Integrated Security Corporation understands the importance of providing not only top of the line security to keep the inmates in and the local society out, but also unparalleled peace of mind that comes with such certainty. Talk to one of our professionals to learn more about our systems and find the best approach for your correctional facility perimeter security. Each facility is different, and we pride ourselves on providing the best options for your agency’s needs.

Don’t Be Your Correctional Facility’s Weak Link

Let’s face it: weak links lead to big problems. Weak links at correctional facilities are unprotected perimeters. Those unprotected perimeters ultimately lead to unprotected assets and people, which can lead to a breach in security. Don’t let that happen to your correctional facility.

Call Integrated Security Corporation now. We have our best and most experienced professionals ready to answer your questions. It’s clear why countless businesses in multiple industries have trusted only Integrated Security Corporation for all of their perimeter security needs for decades. Call us today to experience the ISC difference.