Perimeter Security for Gas and Oil Companies

Protecting our natural resources has always been on the environmentally conscious mind. But have you ever wondered how to protect the companies that provide these resources to us? Here at Integrated Security Corporation, we have — we think about oil and gas company security every day. It is imperative to provide exceptional quality perimeter security to our gas and oil clients, so they can provide exceptional quality resources to their local communities.

Prepare for the Unexpected

Perimeter security needs for gas companies and oil companies can vary significantly. Thus, it is incredibly important that each company be prepared for the unexpected security breach. For instance, protecting a gas or oil rig requires a totally different perimeter security approach than a control station requires. Knowing the intricacies of each oil and gas location is essential to mitigating any and all potential risks associated with oil and gas production.

Perimeter security for oil and gas rigs can take many different forms. There are countless ways a security breach could occur. Hard to detect ships, fishing boats and swimmers are all things that need to be accounted for constantly. Consistent monitoring of all activities near and around the perimeter of oil and gas rigs is essential.

Not only must you ensure proper security measures around the water, but you must also make sure the vast expanse of the oil or gas rig is properly secured as well. This is no easy task and there is no leeway available. Oil and gas companies simply cannot afford to have any breach of security from intruders. Curious how to monitor the perimeter security of such difficult locations in the gas and oil industry? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place.

Let Our Assets Protect Yours

It’s no secret that only the best perimeter security options are needed for gas company security. That’s exactly what you will find with Integrated Security Corporation. We have state-of-the-art security systems to help mitigate risk in every situation.

Hydra security fence sensors use dual-detection technology that senses both short-range and passive infrared (PIR) signatures by searching for body heat from an approaching person, and an accelerometer detecting any vibration from physical activity actually on the fence. Requiring the detection of both events for an alarm allows Hydra to filter out false alarms.

Hydra is designed to account for stray objects hitting the fence or any extreme temperature variation. When a Hydra sensor detects a true disturbance on the fence, it immediately uses the wireless mesh network to communicate the alarm to the Hydra Gateway Board. The Hydra Gateway Board then triggers the Hydra Relay Module to alert the customer via their preferred notification technology.

The Infinity 2020 perimeter intrusion detection system turns a fence into a robust security solution. Infinity delivers unmatched accuracy, probability of detection and is coupled with an industry-leading low false alarm rate. It allows users to retain a high sensitivity setting on the sensor line without being overwhelmed with false alarms by filtering out transient disturbances like weather.

The Infinity 2020 GUI (graphic user interface) allows monitoring personnel to see the location of any alarm event. The GUI is based on web services, which provides easy connectivity to remote workstations without additional software and API access for easy integrations. Infinity incident reports can be exported to PDF or Excel allowing for easy data analysis.

The MWxPRO digital microwave protection sensors only start their work when a disturbance is noticed. Looking at the wave pattern generated while the disturbance is occurring, they decide if it is a real alarm or a nuisance event that can be ignored. Using “fuzzy logic,” the size, shape and rate of change of the observed signal are compared to hundreds of stored patterns corresponding to known alarm types. If there is a close match, an alarm is generated. Intruders walking, running or rolling will be caught. All disturbances, whether they are recognized as alarms, are date- and time-stamped and stored in the receiver for later analysis.

Integrated Security Corporation is the Right Choice

With so many people counting on the gas and oil companies for their everyday needs, it is essential for gas and oil companies to feel confident in their perimeter security providers. Integrated Security Corporation provides this confidence — and more — to each and every one of our customers. You cannot trust the perimeter security for gas companies and oil companies to just anyone. There are certain standards that must be met, and we are the best company to meet and exceed those standards. Contact us today to learn how we can properly secure the perimeter of your oil and gas company.