Construction Yard Security

Construction yards are set up for residential areas, commercial properties and industrial complexes. And that can mean millions of dollars of equipment, materials and technology unattended during off hours. Provide your workers, clients and customers with a secure worksite. Save yourself from potential break-ins and attacks of vandalism. It all starts with Integrated Security Corp. and perimeter protection for your construction yard.

Improve Traffic Flow and Safety

Protecting your construction yard begins with identifying the perimeter. ISC installs warning signs and caution flags depending on the type of construction site and helps to direct foot and vehicle traffic with LED signs. Whether you are prepping a hazmat site or a high-traffic worksite in an urban center, Integrated Security Corp. will solve your traffic flow safety needs.

Light Things Up

One of the most critical components of securing a construction yard is lighting. The lighting of a construction site ranges from motion-sensor lighting to high-powered floodlights. Let us help you select the right security lighting for your construction yard.

Our experts will also help you choose the most economical options. If you are using lighting 24 hours a day on a site, you definitely want a low-cost solution. Our highly trained and experienced staff will design the perfect lighting system for securing your construction yard.

Lock Down Tools and Machinery

Ensure your construction yard property is under lock and key with commercially superior locking mechanisms and fences, electronic locks and inventory management. ISC offers perimeter fencing, as well as locks that can easily be affixed to toolboxes and supplies.

Modernized electronic locks operate using keycards or digitally entered codes. Easily update the keycards or codes with new access information using digital tools from Integrated Security Corp.

Concerned about equipment identification and inventory? Equipment ID numbers allow your crew to inventory and organize tools, further protecting your investment.

Video Security Systems

There are several scenarios that may require an update to a basic security setup in order to provide more surveillance, monitoring or security. This includes:

  • High traffic flow locations
  • Sites with a high vandalism risk
  • Construction projects of value or with potential for theft

Along with perimeter security and lighting, video surveillance allows you to secure a construction site 24/7 without having a single person on site.

In case of vandalism or theft, recorded video can be submitted for insurance claims. Employ the leading form of construction site surveillance today.

Audible Alarms

Integrated Security Corp. offers the best in audible alarm systems ranging from basic motion- triggered audible alarms to silent alarms. A construction yard security system complete with audible sirens, flashing lights and motion-detection devices will deter theft and protect your investment long-term.

Get On Track With Construction Yard Security

With more than 30 years of industry experience, Integrated Security Corp. knows exactly how to ensure construction yard safety and security. Contact us today to set up a consultation and protect your construction yards immediately!