What if I have a lot of people or animals that touch my fence?

With most fence mounted intrusion detection systems this would pose a problem with numerous false alarms but not with Hydra! Hydra sensors can be mounted facing inward. In this scenario Hydra would use an inverse detection order so the system would still work exactly as designed to minimize false alarms. Humans or animals hitting the outer side of your fence would not register an alarm until an actual presence was detected on your property!

My property is in a remote area, can I still use Hydra?

Absolutely! Hydra sensors operate entirely on battery power and the gateway consumes very little power and can utilize solar power if no AC is available. A cell modem can be paired for access from anywhere around the world.

How often do I have to change the batteries on the sensors?

This is an inexact science based on a variety of factors, but it is generally safe to assume that batteries should last anywhere between two and four years for Hydra fence mounted intrusion detection and approximately seven years on Hydra access points. Hydra sends an alarm notification when your battery level reaches 10% leaving ample time to order replacement batteries.

When are access points used?
Access points are occasionally required in the Hydra system to improve the network communication ensuring superior functionality. Access points work like “repeaters”, routing the signal from sensors back to the gateway.
How secure is the Hydra fence mounted intrusion detection?

The Hydra network is secured end-to-end with 128-bit encryption. While Hydra fence mounted intrusion detection operates on a 2.4 GHz radio network it is not Wi-Fi and does not communicate with computers or mobile devices.

So Hydra has a recurring monthly fee on top of the purchase price, doesn’t it?

No, it does not. Once you purchase Hydra, you own the system and can utilize it however you please even if you need to take it to a different location. There’s no monthly contract with a lengthy term. That said, if you prefer to work out leasing options, that can be arranged.

I need more protection on my site than I originally expected, how much of a problem is that?

It’s not a problem at all! With Hydra, simply order more sensors for the area needing to be protected. Mount and turn on the sensors and they will join the Hydra mesh network automatically, ready to be configured for operation.

Infinity 2020

If a piece of cable gets damaged, how easy is it to repair the system?
Very easy! Infinity 2020 users will be provided with a kit to simply attach new sections of cable to the old sections of cable to repair the system.
Does Infinity 2020 only work on traditional chain-link fences?

Absolutely not! The Infinity 2020 fence mounted intrusion detection system can work on razor wire and decorative fences! Infinity 2020 even works on sliding gates and poorly tensioned fences.

How often should the fence line be tested?
Infinity 2020 sensor line is stable so fence line tests should produce consistent, high-functioning results. It is recommended that fence lines are tested monthly to ensure that the system is in perfect working condition though certain industries require differing fence testing standards. In that case, it is recommended that protocol be followed.
How long does an Infinity 2020 fence mounted intrusion detection system work?
Infinity 2020 systems have shown great longevity. It’s entirely common to see a system work successfully for twenty years with minimal upkeep!
What types of adjustments is the weather station capable of making?
The Infinity 2020 weather station accounts for local wind and rain in order to reduce false alarms during these events. Wind and rain settings can be adjusted individually and set for a whole site or unique to a particular zone.