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Hydra Product Information

Hydra Brochure

Hydra Engineering Specificatarion

Hydra Quick Installation Guide (PDF) (DOCX)

Learn more about the hydra perimeter security solutions. You’ll be able to find out about the system, how it works, and how it can benefit your specific industry. With Hydra, you’ll get the benefits of state of the art technology and protection you can count on. Our Hydra system works in a variety of industries and for many different needs.

Infinity 2020

Infinity 2020 Product Information

Infinity 2020 Brochure

Infinity 2020 Engineering Specification

Infinity 2020 Testing Procedures

Using the Infinity 2020 as part of your perimeter security solutions will allow you to receive the benefits and protection that come with a professional fence monitoring system using advanced technology. It’s easy to integrate your monitoring and allow your site to receive better protection with this fence monitoring system. No matter the industry your business or your site is in, installing the Infinity is an excellent choice.

Digital Microwaves

Digital Microwave Brochure

Digital Microwave Engineering Specification

Digital microwaves provide a large variety of benefits over their analog counterparts. Learn about using these monitoring tools in your system and to provide your site with protection. Proven better detection technology reduces false alarms and issues associated with fence monitoring. Lower stress and increase the time you have to spend on business tasks that matter by installing one of our digital microwaves. 

White Papers

NERC CIP-014 White Paper

Find out more about the perimeter security solutions offered by Integrated Security Corporation. We offer some of the best products in the business and allow you to receive all the benefits of a professional fence monitoring system. Enjoy all the different benefits that come with a premier system while also improving the protection at your site.

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