Distribution Center Security: What You Need, Why it Matters

Ensuring the security of your distribution center perimeter is essential in today’s tough environment. Alleviate stress and potential liabilities by adding custom designed distribution center security solutions exclusively from Integrated Security Corporation.

distribution center security

What You Need

Your company’s security needs are just as individualized as your company. At Integrated Security Corp, we do not offer cookie cutter solutions — we offer exactly what you need when you need it. Whether you own a correctional facility, distribution center or cannabis grow facility, your livelihood deserves proper protection. Integrated Security Corporation is the only trusted choice in the industry.

There are numerous factors to consider when researching solutions for your distribution center security. For instance, theft and tampering rates, changing legislation, zoning, and various environmental factors. You shouldn’t trust your perimeter security to just an ordinary fence. Integrated Security Corporation understands the unique challenges a business faces, and we will work with you to provide state of the art security for your state of the art product.

Integrated Security Corporation is proud to partner with a wide variety of businesses in many of the United States’ top-growing industries. We recognize the unique challenges of business owners in today’s ever changing world. No matter the size or location of your facility, trusting Integrated Security Corporation to protect your business is essential for profitability and peace of mind.

What We Have

To best serve our valued customers, Integrated Security Corporation specializes in the most reliable security options for your specific needs — the Hydra Asset Protection System (Hydra), Infinity 2020 and Digital Microwaves. Keep reading to learn more about these systems and which might best for your distribution center security.

Hydra Asset Protection System

The Hydra is a top of the line security system for PIDS (Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems). Not only does Hydra leave traditional PIDS in the dust, it is also incredibly easy to install. The system uses short range passive infrared dual detection sensors, which is unheard of in standard security systems. This advanced technology drastically reduces the potential for false alarms and mitigates the potential for security breaches tenfold. Click below to learn more about Hydra’s components and if it might be the best choice for your distribution center security.

Infinity 2020

If you are looking for a fence mounted and cable based PIDS, look no further than the Infinity 2020. The Infinity 2020 is a popular choice for businesses that work in high-risk situations, such as federal prisons and nuclear power plants. It is also popular because the Infinity is compatible with many different types of fences. To see a live demo and learn more about the Infinity 2020 security system, click the button below.

Digital Microwaves

When you think of microwaves in the security realm, most think of analog microwaves. Digital microwaves have changed the security scene! Digital microwaves account for a disturbance’s speed, shape and size. Integrated Security Corporation’s digital microwaves allow customers to filter out different disturbances that are not actual threats, thus cutting down on the amount of false alarms on an annual basis. Click to learn more about accurate threat detection with digital microwaves.

Why it Matters

Protecting your assets is beyond a basic human desire — it is ingrained in each and every one of us. ISC understands the importance of providing not only the best distribution center security, but also unparalleled peace of mind. You will never have to worry about the professionals at Integrated Security Corporation wasting your time on useless components or unnecessary upsells. We are straightforward and knowledgeable, and we will provide you with the utmost respect of your time and money.

Distribution Center Security

Ultimately, the decision on how and when to protect your distribution center is your own. Integrated Security Corporation is simply a catalyst to ensure the proper treatment of your livelihood. If you are still unsure whether ISC is right for you and your business, give us a call today. We have our most knowledgeable and experienced agents ready to answer your toughest questions. It is clear why countless businesses in multiple industries have trusted only ISC for decades with their perimeter security needs for decades. Call us today to experience the ISC difference.