Perimeter Security for Cell Towers

Think about it: we rely heavily on huge towers we rarely notice. Yet if there were a breach of security at a tower, the area could be devastated. What are we talking about? Perimeter security for cell towers security, of course. Cell towers are everywhere these days. The towers are so prevalent that they have become part of the scenery…until they are compromised. The only way to ensure this does not happen to your cell tower is to employ only the best security measures. And the best place to start is right here at Integrated Security Corporation.

Cell Tower Security Threats: Seen and Unseen

Cell tower security faces a lot of the same threats that most businesses face with their security systems. For instance, thieves and vandals are top of mind at all times. Not only can these threats break through standard security measures, but they can also cause significant damage.

On the other hand, cell tower security faces a very unique challenge in trying to mitigate risk from unseen threats — namely weather. Due to the vast height and magnitude of these towers, risks from all sorts of different weather patterns need to be dealt with as well. Thunderstorms, hail storms, high winds — all of these factors (and more!) need to be addressed with a proper security system.

An additional characteristic of cell towers that make it difficult to properly protect against vandalism and theft is the sometimes general remote locations of these towers. In many instances, cell towers are not near any other power sources or businesses, thus putting their security at a higher risk than most. In today’s ever-connected world, it is imperative for each and every cell tower’s security to never falter, as that could mean countless users are without a connection to their work, families and daily lives.

Disguises Don’t Hide Everything

There has been a new trend developing in the cell tower security industry in recent years in hopes to mitigate the risks associated with perimeter security for cell towers. Cell towers have been disguised in such places as church steeples and flag poles, as well as water towers and trees. While the thought behind this new cell tower security idea was often to make it more visibly appealing to its neighbors and deter attention, sometimes it has resulted in an increase of security breaches.

For instance, while some towers are hidden within evergreen trees, there are some trees that have been used which shed their leaves each fall. Having a fake tree with all of its leaves standing next to a real tree without leaves often draws more attention than before. Not only can the aesthetics of disguising cell towers be difficult to attain, the cost can be very expensive. Some of these disguises can cost upwards of $100,000, which makes the disguises harder to achieve for some cell tower owners.

While disguises are not always an option for cell tower security measures, state-of-the-art perimeter security options are the best way to go. Luckily for you, Integrated Security Corporation offers just that.

Cell Tower Security Options

Integrated Security Corporation offers three of the best security solutions for perimeter security for your cell tower.

  1. Hydra Asset Protection System is the future of perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS). The dual-detection sensor uses short-range passive infrared and an accelerometer to ensure maximum identification of threats while dramatically lessening false alarms. This program offers a valuable upgrade to security fences and helps provide your location with reliable and accurate protection.
  2. Infinity 2020 is the gold standard among cable-based, fence-mounted, perimeter intrusion detection systems. These systems work with a variety of types of security fences and are among the best and most popular options in the industry.
  3. Digital microwaves quantify a disturbance by its size, shape and the speed at which it is changing. Nuisance alarms are always a concern in the world of perimeter security. Digital microwaves allow users to filter out objects that aren’t an actual threat to the property.

No matter where your cell tower is located, whether in a bustling metropolis or in the country, Integrated Security Corporation is the best option for the perimeter security of your cell tower.

The Integrated Security Corporation Difference

There is a reason we’ve been in the security industry for as long as we have. Integrated Security Corporation prides itself on reliable and professional service for businesses, industries, military and more. Call us today to talk with one of our seasoned security experts. We will walk you through the process step-by-step to ensure we provide you with the best security options for your specific perimeter security needs.