fence mounted intrusion detection
Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems

Since 1987, Integrated Security Corporation (ISC) has been delivering cutting-edge perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) at secure sites around the world. Integrated Security Corporation makes specialized fence intrusion detection solutions tailored specifically to the unique needs of each application.

Let Integrated Security Corporation help secure and protect your perimeter. Perimeter intrusion detection systems are the singular focus at ISC, with a team dedicated to improving the security of its clients’ businesses. ISC works with its clients to provide systems that will perform well for many years of service.

Integrated Security Corporation will provide you with unsurpassed probability of detection with industry leading low false alarm rate. ISC security systems utilize the best technology in the industry to alert you to true threats without wasting your time and energy responding to false alarms.

You won’t find better perimeter intrusion detection systems anywhere else. ISC’s professional team can help you from the planning stages through installation and even with maintenance in the future. ISC experience will put your mind at ease, reduce the stress of false alarms, and provide you with a system that exceeds industry standards.

Our experts can help answer any questions about ISC systems and applications. We serve a wide variety of markets, and we will work with your team to find a solution for any business security challenge. Call us today at: (248) 624-0700 or email us at: sales@integratedsecuritycorp.com for your perimeter security needs!