fence mounted intrusion detection
Security Fence

Since 1987, Integrated Security Corporation has been delivering cutting-edge perimeter intrusion detection systems to the most sensitive sites in the country and beyond. At Integrated Security Corporation we specialize in crafting a perimeter security solution that is tailored specifically to the unique needs of your site.

Integrated Security Corporation will not only provide you with unsurpassed probability of detection but industry leading reduction of false alarms. Professionals don’t have the time to waste with false alarms and shouldn’t have to worry about trying to remedy any issues associated with them. Our security systems are utilize the best technology in the industry to determine true threats without automatically responding to false alarms. 

Let Integrated Security Corporation help secure and protect your perimeter. With our state of the art systems and dedication to improving the security of your business, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your sensitive information is protected. No matter what the needs of your business are, we can provide you with a security system that not only meets those needs but goes beyond that to exceed your expectations.

It takes a comprehensive approach to make sure that your location is secured the correct way. Using our expertly curated combination of industry know-how and advanced technology allows us to improve the security of your system. 

You won’t find better perimeter intrusion detection systems anywhere else. Our professional team can help you from the planning stages through installation and even with maintenance in the future. We’ll put your mind at ease, reduce the stress of false alarms, and provide you with a system that exceeds the industry standards. 

Our experts can help you determine the best system for all your business needs. Call us today at: (248) 624-0700 or email us at: sales@integratedsecuritycorp.com for your perimeter intrusion detection system needs!