Cultural Site Protection Keeps Our History Safe

Our history reminds us of where we’ve come from and preserves both humanity’s accomplishments and mistakes for us to learn from and remember. Keeping historical landmarks, heritage sites and high-value artifacts safe is essential but not always easy. Unique locations and treasured buildings require custom security to maintain their integrity, public accessibility and safety.

The Challenges of Museum Security Systems

Protecting cultural and historical sites is very different from securing the perimeter of a warehouse or parking lot. Outdoor heritage sites, for example, would lose their charm and authenticity if they were surrounded by tall chain link fences. The aging buildings may be too delicate (or cherished) to bolt cameras or alarm systems to, and of course there may be highly sensitive areas or items that you want to restrict access to while maintaining a welcoming, open atmosphere.

Integrated Security Corporation (ISC) provides custom perimeter solutions and for sensitive yet accessible businesses and organizations, from the military to agriculture to car dealerships, and is well-versed in finding unique security solutions for cultural site protection and landmarks. From small museums to multiple-acre historical sites, ISC can provide you with security solutions you can trust.

Security Guards and Cameras are Not Enough

An original painting or high-value artifact can only be created once. Trusting our shared history to outdated museum security systems or wandering security guards is not enough. In 2020, Spring Garden by Vincent van Gogh was stolen by a thief who forced open a door. This embarrassing loss could have been prevented by many means (including a stronger lock), but why wait until the intruder is on the property? Advanced perimeter security as a component of comprehensive museum security systems can signal an intruder’s presence before they get close to the building.

The wide open spaces of landmarks and historical sites are also a challenge for security guards and cameras. Neither can be everywhere at once, and vandals or thieves can easily go undetected. Plymouth Rock has been defaced and North America’s oldest rock art has also been vandalized. The solution to keeping artifacts and heritage sites safe is to maintain a secure perimeter at all times.

Discreet Security for Cultural & Historical Sites

Our landmarks and heritage sites, high-value art and artifacts are on display for our enjoyment and education. The last thing you want is intrusive security systems. Digital Microwaves are the ideal perimeter security system for wide open spaces, which is why you will often find them at airports and on military bases.

Digital microwaves use digital processing to provide the highest level of performance in the industry. They take into account a disturbance’s speed, shape and size, and even account for temperature changes over time. This means you are only alerted to disturbances that matter, not birds or the wind.

Flexible Protection for Your Assets

Museums and historical sites frequently change their displays and floor plans, which presents yet another security challenge. The Hydra Asset Protection System is a dual-sensor solution. This wireless, affordable, scalable and flexible system can be moved easily and attached to fences, doors and more. By sensing both body heat and acceleration speed with short-range passive infrared and an accelerometer, the Hydra accurately filters false alarms while providing peace of mind that the property is secure.

For Large Cultural Site Protection

If you have a large cultural site that needs perimeter security, a fence may be required. When it is, the Infinity 2020 is what you need to keep it secure. When the Infinity is mounted to your fences, you’ll be alerted before an intruder even sets foot on your site. This robust system comes with a graphic user interface, so you can see exactly where on the property the alarm is coming from and can react with speed. This system can be mounted on many fence types, including razor wire and sliding gates, ensuring the safety of what’s inside.

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The time to protect culture and history is before it’s vandalized, stolen or destroyed. Stay a step ahead of both the lazy opportunists and sophisticated criminals by installing a custom perimeter security system that fits the location’s exact needs.

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