Perimeter Security for Cannabis Grow Facilities

Protecting your cannabis grow facility from breaches is a critical element of running a successful business. One of the greatest challenges cannabis business face is perimeter security. Strict state regulations require detailed planning, the ability to scale, remote monitoring capabilities and more, making it necessary to take additional cannabis perimeter security precautions.

Integrated Security Corp provides the best perimeter security solutions. We know that standard fencing won’t be effective in thwarting breaches. That’s why we use state-of-the art technology to protect your cannabis crop – no matter what the situation.

Protect Your Location

Many cannabis facilities are located in remote areas, which can increase the difficulty of implementing reliable cannabis perimeter security. Integrated Security Corp. specializes in providing effective security solutions to even the most remote locations, no matter the size of your grow operation.

Our Hydra installations are battery operated, consume very little power and can utilize solar power, if necessary. Hydra’s wireless sensors can be installed within days which means there’s no excuse to leave your cannabis grow facility unprotected any longer.

The great news is that Hydra works well in highly populated areas, too. Hydra is a great choice for perimeter security if your fence comes in regular contact with people or animals. This security solution upgrades existing security fences and provides your facility with accurate protection.

Eliminate False Alarms

No one wants to deal with false security alarms from birds or other nuisance animals. That’s why Integrated Security Corp. Digital Microwaves are superior. They quantify disturbances along the perimeter of the property by shape, size, and speed of change.

Digital Microwave installation takes place along the security fence line and provides you with the most accurate threat detection. No more false alarms because a bird flew over your facility!

Save time and resources by choosing Digital Microwave technology to increase your cannabis perimeter security.

Security for Cannabis Facilities

Will you be able to protect your upcoming cannabis harvest from theft? If you aren’t sure, it’s time to consider a perimeter security system from Integrated Security Corp. Our team of experts will help you protect your people and your cannabis products from breaches of any kind.

Infinity 2020 is the best of the best when it comes to fence-mounted, cable-based, perimeter intrusion detection systems. This is an effective choice for any property at a high risk of breach and works with a variety of existing security fences. These protections systems have been found at airports, federal prisons, nuclear power plants, utility substations and more, so you can rest assured that the Infinity 2020 system will accommodated all of your cannabis grow facility protection needs.

Contact Security Professionals at ISC

Integrated Security Corp. experts are available to help determine the best security for your cannabis grow facility. We’ll assess your site layout and location, discuss any current or past threats to your operation, and make a perimeter security solution recommendation based on your existing and future security needs.

Contact us today for your FREE quote, and let us protect the future of your cannabis business.