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Hydra Security Fence

Brief Description of Hydra

Integrated Security Corporation is proud to present the Hydra Asset Protection System, its newest perimeter intrusion detection system. Numerous customers once thought more traditional PIDS were outside their budget or unable to protect their distinctive needs. Those customers no longer feel that way. Hydra offers a unique solution that is otherwise unavailable.

Integrated Security Corporation (ISC) is a manufacturer of intrusion detection systems that are in use at the highest security facilities in the world. ISC’s Hydra Asset Protection System is a wireless system that offers flexibility, scalability, and affordability. Hydra provides an opportunity for companies of all sizes to have world class perimeter detection where no option existed before.

Summary of Components

The Hydra Asset Protection System consists of three major components:

  1. Dual-Detection Wireless Sensors which transmit information over a secure mesh network.
  2. Antenna transmits data between the sensors and the Gateway.
  3. Gateway Enclosure consisting of a Gateway Board connected to a Relay Module which sends out an alarm to the end user’s preferred integrated alarm technology.
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Hydra Security Fence

How Does Hydra Work?

Hydra sensors use dual-detection technology that sense both short-range, passive infrared (PIR) signatures searching for body heat from an approaching person, and an accelerometer detecting any vibration from physical activity actually on the fence. Requiring the detection of both events for an alarm allows Hydra to filter out false alarms.

Hydra is designed to account for stray objects hitting the fence or any extreme temperature variation.

When a Hydra sensor detects a true disturbance on the fence it immediately uses the wireless mesh network to communicate the alarm to the Hydra Gateway Board.

The Hydra Gateway Board then triggers the Hydra Relay Module to alert the customer via their preferred notification technology.

Examples of notification technology include, but are not limited to: Existing alarm panel, SCADA system, cell notification or software GUI.

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Why Pick Hydra?

Hydra technology is state-of-the-art, providing a system that features unparalleled accuracy and versatile applicability. The Hydra Asset Protection System allows smaller sites to save money without sacrificing any detection quality. Although Hydra installations are typically on fences, Hydra can be installed directly onto objects. Assets such as: doors, roof hatches, and truck battery boxes are some of the places you can find Hydra directly applied as well as on fences.

Whether deploying Hydra on a fence, gate, or directly on assets, you’ll find Hydra’s scalable and flexible installation options provide reliable detection at an attractive price. Hydra’s intelligent design also provides simple integration with most existing alarm panels and cameras on the market. Sites of all sizes can benefit from Hydra.

Hydra Security Fence

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