Perimeter Security for Military Bases

With the threat of terror attacks both foreign and domestic seemingly at an all time high, there has never been a more essential time to enhance the perimeter security of military bases. The only way to ensure a military base has proper perimeter security is to call the experts at Integrated Security Corporation and learn which perimeter security system is best for the specific requirements of the base. ISC has been the only choice in military base security protection for years. Call us today to discover the ISC difference.

Only the Best for Our Military

When you integrate a perimeter security system from Integrated Security Corporation, you can rest assured you are only getting top-of-the-line security and support. At ISC, we specialize in providing the best perimeter defense systems for the military and will walk you through every step needed to make sure the base is protected in the event of a security breach of any kind.

We offer three main products that we believe will fully protect and enhance base security.

  1. Hydra: The Hydra is one of our state of the art security systems for PIDS (Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems). This system reduces the potential for false alarms and mitigates the potential for security breaches at the base. The Hydra does this by using short range passive infrared dual detection sensors, which is a major breakthrough in standard security systems.
  2. Infinity 2020: The Infinity is the only pragmatic choice among cable-based, fence-mounted, perimeter intrusion detection systems. The Infinity is also compatible with many different types of fences, thus ideal for all bases.
  3. Digital Microwaves: Digital microwaves account for a disturbance’s speed, shape and size. Integrated Security Corporation’s state of the art digital microwave system allows users to filter out objects that are not an actual threat to the perimeter security for military bases. We install digital microwaves along with security fences for the ultimate in threat detection. Not only does that save our customers valuable time, it also cuts back on additional spending and resources while providing more accurate threat detection.

Peace of Mind in Trying Times

At Integrated Security Corporation, we recognize the importance of keeping our prized military bases secure from any threat imaginable. We take pride in providing only the highest quality perimeter security for military bases on the market. There is no room for error in any military exercise, and we take the same approach in providing the best military base security. As the leader in perimeter security, Integrated Security Corporation wants to ensure not only your base, but also your peace of mind.

Escalated Times Call for Escalated Measures

When it comes to the security and protection of not only military personnel and assets but civilians as well, there is no room for any potential threat to security. Due to the classified and dangerous nature that surrounds military bases, even the most seemingly harmless situations can quickly escalate and become volatile.

Professional military security guards, administrators and staff cannot be the only source of military base security. With tensions both domestic and foreign constantly in limbo, sophisticated military base perimeter security must exist both inside and outside its perimeter.

The increased need for security in these completely unprecedented times is paramount to ensuring the safety and security of those in and around military bases. Implementing and installing the best and most advanced perimeter security available for military bases is imperative to safely manage and mitigate potential threats. This is why you cannot trust the security to just anyone. Integrated Security Corporation is your best option.

The Time is Now

Are you ready to protect your military base with the most impressive state-of-the-art perimeter protection systems available? Call the security professionals at Integrated Security Corporation today to get started. Do not let your lack of action lead to a potential security breach. We have representatives standing by to answer your most pressing questions. You will experience the Integrated Security Corporation difference right away and know you made the best choice in military base security.