Infinity 2020 Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

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Low false alarm rate perimeter security solutions

Integrated Security Corporation's Infinity 2020 perimeter intrusion detection system turns a fence into a robust security solution. Simply mount Infinity 2020 to the perimeter fence and before an intruder has an opportunity to set foot on site the system will signal their presence.

Infinity 2020 delivers unmatched accuracy, probability of detection, and is coupled with an industry-leading low false alarm rate. So how does Infinity 2020 deliver such impressive results? Infinity 2020 allows users to retain a high sensitivity setting on sensor line without being overwhelmed by false alarms by filtering out transient disturbances like weather. Infinity 2020 is engineered to give users peace of mind. Utilizing first-class technology, Infinity 2020 provides superior performance for years on end.

The Infinity 2020 GUI (graphic user interface) allows monitoring personnel to see the location of any alarm event. The GUI is based on Web Services which provides easy connectivity to remote workstations without additional software and API access for easy integrations. Infinity 2020 incident reports can be exported to PDF or Excel allowing for easy data analysis.
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Specific Advantages of Infinity 2020

Automatic real-time weather adjustments

The Infinity 2020 Weather Station provides real-time information using an anemometer for wind speed and a precipitation sensor for rain intensity. The system processor evaluates this vital flow of continuous data provided by these components and makes the necessary adjustments to filter out potential false alarms.

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No electronics or adjustments needed at the fence
A major advantage of Infinity 2020 is that it acts as a “set it and forget it” system. The electronics are housed away from the fence and adjustments to the system are easily made using the graphic user interface (GUI) provided by the Infinity 2020 Software. The GUI allows each zone to be configured independently for optimal vibration, wind and precipitation detection settings.
Works on sliding gates
Infinity 2020 is installed on sliding gates while other perimeter intrusion detection systems often require additional equipment.
Low cost installation, easy repairs, and no annual maintenance
Infinity 2020 repairs are simple. Maintenance personnel can splice the cable to fix any damage. No special tools and minimal training are required, resulting in a system with far less downtime and expense.
Works on decorative fences, razor wire, and poorly tensioned fences
Another performance advantage of Infinity 2020 is its adaptability. Infinity 2020 performs exactly as designed whether mounted on chain link, wrought iron, or even barbed wire. This puts Infinity 2020 ahead of the curve of most other perimeter intrusion detection systems on the market.
Resists electrical disturbances
Infinity 2020 is designed to resist electrical disturbances. With no electronics on the fence line, Infinity 2020 uses grounded and shielded cable and robust surge suppression on the Infinity 2020 Sensor Interface Board to make the system nearly impervious to lightning strikes.

Industries Served

Infinity 2020 is in operation at airports, prisons, nuclear plants, substations and other high risk facilities.
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