Auto Dealership Security: Why a Perimeter System is Essential

Obviously, you can lock the doors and secure the keys of every vehicle on your lot. You can outfit every vehicle with its own state-of-the-art security system (if you have money to burn). But even those steps alone won’t scare off every determined criminal with an eye on your merchandise or property. Car dealership security is essential.

Perimeter security for car dealerships maintain the safety of vehicle inventory as well as the sales room, service centers and other facilities on the property. Having a perimeter security system installed will deter most criminals. And, with the right security system in place, you can address many other potential problems for your dealership.

Lower Your Overhead With One Investment

Many insurance companies require auto dealerships to have security in place to deter crime like theft and vandalism. Even if your insurance company doesn’t require a car dealership security system, you will pay much higher premiums if you don’t have one. Why? Because not having a security system almost guarantees you’ll experience more crime on your premises.

By deterring crime with a security system, your business will experience fewer criminal acts and thereby decreasing insurance claims. Businesses that make several claims a year pay higher insurance premiums. Integrated Security Corp. can help you avoid those claims with perimeter security for auto dealerships.

Where You Need the Most Protection

Most would-be thieves are stopped by a good perimeter protection system. Any weakness in the perimeter of your business is an open door to people looking for a way onto your property. Securing the perimeter is the first step of any quality car dealership security system.

A professional security system installer will use natural barriers such as waterways in conjunction with standard protections like chain link fences and gates. Depending on the value of your inventory, you may want to install high-tech advanced features like proximity sensors and passive infra-red (PIR).

Hiring a security professional will ensure you have an adequate level of security and a reliable protection system for your environment. There are many options in the world of perimeter security for car dealerships.

Quality is Just as Important as Appearance

Just the sight of a state-of-the-art, well-maintained security system will deter most if not all vandals and thieves from even attempting crime on your property. For that reason, many security systems are built to look tougher than they really are. Security systems by Integrated Security Corp. don’t just LOOK tough — they ARE tough. ISC uses only the best high-quality technology that is proven to work when you need it.

We begin every project with a perimeter scan and site evaluation to see where your property needs the most added protection and surveillance. After analyzing your property, we’ll create a personalized perimeter security solution just for you. We ensure a seamless experience through installation and launch.

It’s not JUST about stealing cars.

Auto dealership security is one of the most common requests we get.

Many auto dealerships leave all or most of their inventory outdoors all day and night. These valuable pieces of merchandise need protection, but not just from theft. Criminals target auto dealerships for a variety of crimes aside from vehicle theft.

Auto dealerships are targets for thieves who want to steal expensive parts like catalytic converters for resale. Auto dealerships are also prey to people who collect precious metals to trade in for cash. Even low-level criminals can cause serious damage to your wallet with simple vandalism.

Better Employee Safety Through Enhanced Security

A good security system protects more than your merchandise. With the right security system, you protect your employees from possible interaction with criminals. Your customers will also appreciate the added sense of comfort that a reliable auto dealership security system provides.

Premium Auto Dealership Security

Are you ready to protect your investment with an auto dealership security system engineered to meet your specific needs? The first step is to schedule a complete perimeter scan of your property by one of our qualified security experts.

Contact Integrated Security Corporation for a service quote. Call our office at 248-624-0700 or fill out our online form. We’d love to help you integrate an ideal perimeter security solution for your car dealership.