Hydra, Infinity or Microwave: Which Security Perimeter Solution is Best for Your Business?

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When looking for the best outdoor perimeter security for your business, it is important to understand what options you have. Luckily, here at Integrated Security Corporation, we have the best options available on the market: the Hydra, Infinity 2020 and Digital Microwaves. Learn more about which perimeter security sensor is best for your business.


The Hydra utilizes perimeter security sensors that use dual-detection technology to sense both short-range, passive infrared (PIR) signatures searching for body heat from an approaching person, and an accelerometer detecting any vibration from physical activity actually on the fence.

If you’re unsure which of our perimeter security options is best for your business, the Hydra is by far the most versatile for any job. Even though the Hydra outdoor perimeter security solution is typically placed on fences, it can actually be installed directly onto objects. These objects can consist of doors, roof hatches and truck battery boxes. This list is by no means the only locations that Hydra can be installed, just the most common.

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Infinity 2020

Infinity allows users to retain a high sensitivity setting on the sensor line without being overwhelmed by false alarms. The Infinity system accomplishes this by filtering out transient disturbances like the weather. Infinity is engineered to give users peace of mind. Utilizing first-class technology, Infinity provides superior performance for years on end. 

Unlike the Hydra, the Infinity security perimeter system is best utilized on a fence line of some type. To use the Infinity, simply mount the outdoor perimeter security system to the perimeter fence and before an intruder has an opportunity to set foot on your business’s land, the system will signal their presence. 

Additionally, Infinity 2020 was created to resist electrical disturbances. Infinity surprisingly does not utilize electronics on the fence line but instead uses grounded and shielded cable and robust surge suppression on the Infinity Sensor Interface Board to make the system nearly impervious to unfortunate weather occurrences such as lightning strikes.

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Digital Microwaves

The MWxPRO digital microwave perimeter security sensors actually only start working when a disturbance is noticed. The perimeter security system begins by looking at the wave pattern generated while the disturbance is occurring. As that occurs, the security system decides if it is a real alarm or a nuisance event that can be ignored. Due to the advanced technology of the microwave system, all disturbances are date- and time-stamped and stored in the receiver for later analysis.

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The Unique Advantages of Each Outdoor Perimeter Security Solution

After understanding the nature of each of Integrated Security Corporation’s outdoor perimeter security systems, it is important to also understand the specialized advantages that each security system offers.

For instance, digital microwaves are commonly used around airports or military installations. The MW482xPRO operates in the X-band which provides improved volumetric range and protection of the detection zone. At crossover points, the potential for interference is reduced by having four pre-settable modulation channels available. In especially complex environments, the sensors can operate at any of sixteen different frequencies, which can actually be in effect doubled, by rotating parabolic antennas 90° to take advantage of the linear polarization.

The Infinity perimeter security sensor is actually considered a “set it and forget it” system. The electronic components of the outdoor perimeter security system are housed away from the fence and adjustments to the system are easily made using the graphic user interface (GUI) provided by the Infinity Software. Additionally, if you’re seeking a low cost/low maintenance security perimeter system, Infinity is perfect. The repairs are simple. Your standard maintenance personnel can splice the cable to fix any damage.

The Hydra also has unique features due to the flexibility of placement. It doesn’t matter what area you place the perimeter security system in, you’ll find Hydra’s scalable and flexible installation options provide reliable detection at an incredibly affordable price. Hydra’s state of the art design also provides simple integration with most existing alarm panels and cameras that you may already have in use. No matter what size or shape you are needing for your outdoor perimeter security system, your company can benefit from Hydra.

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We Have You Covered

No matter what your outdoor perimeter security needs, Integrated Security Corporation has exactly the security perimeter sensor to assist you. All of our customers have unique security needs and we can’t wait to learn about yours. Schedule a call with us today to discuss which of our state of the art security perimeter systems you need to keep your business safe and secure.