What Are Some of the Biggest Threats to Your Business?

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types of security threats and breaches

There are so many advantages and disadvantages to having an in-person brick and mortar business. One of the biggest advantages of having an in-person business is that you get to house your business and it’s assets all in one physical location. One of the biggest disadvantages is actually the exact same thing — housing your business and all of its assets in one place. Why, you may ask? Because having all of your assets in one place severely heightens your risk for commercial security threats. There seems to be a never-ending list of types of security breaches thieves have created and discovered these days. However, the only way to mitigate those risks is to have the best perimeter security company in the country work on neutralizing those security breaches to your commercial business. 

Integrated Security Corporation is the only company that has the expertise and state of the art equipment to deter nearly every type of security breach known to man. 

Common Types of Security Breaches

Unfortunately for business owners, there are quite a few different types of security breaches that you must be aware of and prepared for. Here at Integrated Security Corporation, we have researched these common threats and created a top 3 list to make you more aware of what to look for. 

In no particular order: 

  1. Theft and burglary. When someone mentions types of security breaches, theft or burglary is normally one of the first things to pop into your head. That is because it is one of the most common types of security breaches. 
  2. Assault. A partner to theft and burglary is assault. There have been countless cases of a botched burglary that eventually turned into an assault, or physical attack, on security or business employees or property. 
  3. Vandalism. Vandalism can range from small spray paint graffiti marks to broken windows or another defacement of the property. What can seem like a harmless prank can actually evolve into a large commercial security threat.

While there are countless commercial security threats, we have found these to be the most common types of security breaches. Luckily, Integrated Security Corporation carries nothing but the best equipment to mitigate all of these commercial security threats and many more.

Products to Keep You Safe

No matter what security system you choose to mitigate the commercial security threats your company faces, Integrated Security Corporation has exactly what you need. Our state of the art security solutions will help you mitigate any type of security breach. Take a look at our best sellers that also happen to be the best in class security. 

Hydra: With security fences that use state of the art technology like Hydra, you can depend on their reliability. You will be able to enjoy all the benefits of a traditional security fence plus the additional benefits that come from using a high-quality engineered system. Hydra is a wireless system that offers flexibility, scalability, and affordability. Hydra provides an opportunity for companies of all sizes to have world-class perimeter detection where no option existed before.

Infinity 2020:  This is by far the gold standard among cable-based, fence-mounted, perimeter intrusion detection systems. Simply mount Infinity to the perimeter fence and before an intruder has an opportunity to set foot on site the system will signal their presence. When you need substantial security that you can count on, go for Infinity. 

Digital Microwaves: Digital Microwaves allow users to filter out objects that are not an actual threat to the property. We install digital microwaves along with security fences for the ultimate in threat detection. You will save valuable time and resources with more accurate threat detection.

Protecting Your Property and Your Peace of Mind

We understand there is a lot more to your business than the outward appearance — blood, sweat and tears went into it, too. It can be difficult to decide which security company can actually protect your business from any and all types of security breaches. At Integrated Security Corporation we pride ourselves on not only taking care of the commercial security threats you face, but also leaving each and every customer with unparalleled peace of mind. 

If you are still unsure which company to use to mitigate the commercial security threats your business faces, give Integrated Security Corporation a call. You will be amazed at our comprehensive approach to your individual security against the many types of security breaches. Our team of security experts walk you through the process of planning all the way to implementation and beyond. You are never alone with Integrated Security Corporation. Contact us today to discover why we have been so successful in the security industry for so many years.