Why Warehouses Need Advanced Security Solutions

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Securing goods within a warehouse is an absolutely essential task. Installing a warehouse security system? Even more important. There are countless reasons why it is imperative to have warehouse security solutions — some are rather straightforward, while others you may not have considered. 

The Importance of a Warehouse Security System

There are numerous factors to consider when choosing a warehouse security solution. In order to decide which warehouse security system is right for you, first consider the reasons why securing your warehouse is important.

The main and obvious reason to invest in a warehouse security system is to ensure the protection of the goods being held in your warehouse. Regardless of whether the goods themselves are secured, there needs to be security on the actual warehouse for added peace of mind. 

Secondly, it is important to protect and keep your employees safe and also mitigate any risk of theft. While it is difficult to admit that some employees may steal from their employer, the possibility of such an event occurring further dictates the need for a secure warehouse solution. 

In fact, an article published in Loss Prevention Magazine indicates warehouse theft can reach over $15 billion a year. A simple security system for your warehouse could potentially save you hundreds of thousands of dollars — seems like a pretty good investment, right?

Warehouse Threats

As mentioned before, employees can be one of the biggest threats to a warehouse business. But there are countless other factors that contribute to the absolute need for a warehouse security solution. These threats can be broken down into two main categories: external and internal threats.

External threats: any threat outside of the warehouse itself can be considered an external threat. Competitors, general thieves and even weather can be considered external threats.

Internal threats: employees make up the largest of the internal threats. For instance, if an employee feels slighted or is constantly unsupervised, the risk of them stealing from the warehouse increases dramatically. 

The only real solution to deter both external and internal threats is to invest in a warehouse security system from the experts at Integrated Security Corporation

Warehouse Security Solution Options

Being in the security industry for as many years as Integrated Security Corporation has, we are able to offer only the best and most efficient solutions for our warehouse customers. The best warehouse security systems definitely need to include the Hydra, Infinity 2020 and our Digital Microwaves. 

Hydra: Hydra Security Fence sensors use dual-detection technology that senses both short-range, passive infrared (PIR) signatures searching for body heat from an approaching person and an accelerometer detecting any vibration from physical activity actually on the fence. Hydra is designed to account for stray objects hitting the fence or any extreme temperature variation.

Infinity 2020: Infinity 2020 perimeter intrusion detection system turns a fence into a robust security solution. Simply mount Infinity to the perimeter fence and before an intruder has an opportunity to set foot on site the system will signal their presence. The Infinity GUI (graphic user interface) allows monitoring personnel to see the location of any alarm event. The GUI is based on Web Services which provides easy connectivity to remote workstations without additional software and API access for easy integrations. 

Digital Microwaves: The MWxPRO digital microwave protection sensors only start their work when a disturbance is noticed. Looking at the wave pattern generated while the disturbance is occurring, they decide if it is a real alarm or a nuisance event that can be ignored. 

Depending on your unique warehouse needs, a single security solution may be best. However, with some of our clientele, we have found that a combination approach of our state of the art warehouse security systems is the best solution.

Unique Solutions for Your Unique Needs

At Integrated Security Corporation, we pride ourselves on not only offering top of the line warehouse security solutions but also top of the line customer service. We enjoy answering any and all questions our current and potential customers may bring to us. 

When you are ready to discuss your specific warehouse security system needs, look no further than the experts here at Integrated Security Corporation. We have our best agents standing by to help you decide which solution is best for your warehouse and walk you through the simple process of maintaining a more secure warehouse. Contact us today!