How Supply Chains are Impacting Business Safety

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supply chain safety risks

Changes in the supply chain and demand have had an impact on how businesses should handle safety. One reason supply chains are strangled like never before is that multiple factors are causing multiple bottlenecks in just about every industry, causing a ripple effect that has grown into a raging storm just in time for the busiest time of year. Businesses are scrambling to acquire raw materials, paying exponentially rising rates for energy consumption, and barely finding enough employees to make it all happen on time. Our clients often feel caught unaware by the problems they’ve encountered as security issues seem to constantly evolve these days. Avoid risks in supply chain fluctuations with Integrated Security Corp. Learn more about supply chain safety and how it impacts your business.

What Changes are Businesses Experiencing Due to Supply Chain Issues?

The biggest issue right now is material availability, not just for the end goods people want to purchase, but also for the raw materials necessary for the manufacture of those goods. Warehouses are either overloaded with stock or unable to get enough to fill customer demand.

In every industry, freight frequency and capacity shortages have become an issue. While businesses may receive shipments, they often receive fewer units than they requested, leading to last-minute phone calls, re-orders, and late-night explanations and apologies. 


Volatile news on a daily basis has customer demand and average costs fluctuating by the second. This means prices aren’t stable from one day to the next and people are either hesitant to buy or stocking up. 

Transportation of goods and materials is experiencing worldwide confusion due to political and environmental factors. Even if a shipment is delivered, there’s no promise it will arrive intact and on time.

As the world tries to catch up with supply chain woes, many locations are still in the throes of Cooronavirus surges. Business owners are balancing all of these supply chain woes while still spending money on pandemic regulations like PPE, which in turn have their own supply issues. Mask mandates, vaccine mandates: business owners have A LOT to manage right now.

How Can Businesses Avoid Risks in Supply Chain Fluctuations? 

Avoid risks in supply chain fluctuations by thinking early and developing contingency plans. Visualize what might go wrong and make a list of possible responses you could take. If disaster strikes, you have some well-thought-out options.

Order in advance as much as possible. Order more than you need if the material is non-perishable.

If you require materials that are perishable, start researching where you might obtain something if you can’t get it from your usual source. Have a list of backups for your most important supplies. Can you obtain it from a local source at a higher rate? It might be worth it temporarily. 

Survey customers regarding anticipated needs. Everyone is well aware of the supply issues plaguing the business world. Let customers know you are logging orders early so you can be sure to have the supplies on hand to meet demand. Many customers will be happy for the nudge if it means one less worry about the future.

How Can Perimeter Security Help with Supply Chain Safety? 

Tough times lead to desperate measures. Businesses are reporting theft of items that weren’t such a commodity in the past and therefore were not adequately protected. Due to surging costs, criminals are motivated to steal materials that are usually inexpensive. As the holiday season rushes by, businesses that can’t get supplies in time to meet time-sensitive demands are scrambling and there is always a contingent of people who will resort to crime to fill that need.

It’s a good time to install a video surveillance system and upgrade your security system in general to protect you against the rise in theft and crime. Raw materials are a target, but clever thieves are devising ways to steal access, information, utilities–commodities you might not even think to protect. A good security solution provider can point out vulnerabilities you might not see and create an automatic system to alarm you of any danger. Business owners have too much on their plates right now. They need to automate as much as they can.

Integrated Security Corp. Provides Customized Security Solutions for Businesses

ISC delivers cutting-edge perimeter intrusion detection systems to the most sensitive sites (cannabis grow facilities, airports, nuclear facilities, and more) in both rural and urban locations. We specialize in crafting a perimeter security solution that is tailored specifically to the client’s unique needs. ISC delivers timely tips on how businesses can keep their assets safer. Call today to learn how to keep your investment safe no matter what happens in the supply chains.

When you’re trying to avoid risks in supply chain fluctuations, supply chain safety with appropriate security measures is essential. Let Integrated help you! Contact us today