6 Business Security Tips for the Holidays

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business security tips for the holidays

Holidays are the most magical time of year for businesses for several reasons. Businesses that sell merchandise and services do most of their sales in the final months of the year. Owners and managers are reviewing the year’s performance numbers and planning their future. Around this time of year, many businesses ask us if there are any holiday security tips they should know. We’ve got the best business security tips for the holidays. 

One thing we hope you don’t forget about this holiday season is business security. Smart criminals wait until busy times of year when you and your employees are distracted, and the holidays definitely fit that bill. We’ve assembled a list of the most important security tips for the holidays. You should consider implementing them before Thanksgiving arrives and the holidays are in full swing.

1. Update Hours and Other Holiday Changes with Only the People Who Need to Know Them

Most businesses close down for at least a few days around the holidays. It’s a good time for employees to refresh, reset and enjoy what they work for all year long. Plan your holiday business hours, including closings, as early as possible and make your employees aware. If you have any regular deliveries or other appointments when you will be closed, check in to make sure they know the holiday schedule and set another time. If you work with a security specialist, make sure they know your holiday hours, too. Depending on the sensitivity level of your business, you may or may not want to post your holiday hours publicly. You can instead post a message across all media that customers can call you for holiday hours. 

2. If Closing for an Extended Period, Unplug Some But Not All Appliances

Many businesses have separate closing procedures for soft closes (when employees go home for the night and come back the day) and hard closes (when employees are gone for more than one night). It makes sense to shut down expensive utilities like heat when fewer people will be in the building. Again, make sure the security systems are still powered. Double-check with your security specialist if you’re unsure. Always leave on some lighting as no lighting could attract break-ins. Also send out a reminder to employees to unplug any personal electronics—most importantly space heaters.

3. Check Your Lists Twice

End of the year is a wonderful time to clean up your employee and emergency contact lists. If anything goes wrong, people should be able to quickly find out who they should contact and how to get a hold of them. With all of the turnover and relocating employees that most businesses encounter in a year, it’s good to have an annual procedure to ensure everyone is accounted for, contact and emergency-contact info is up to date, and the people in charge of emergency processes are aware of their duties. Have your employees double-check and update all information and their responsibilities.

4. Review All Security Policies with Employees

While you are reviewing contact info, send out a reminder to all employees about everything they need to do to protect themselves and the business. Review cybersecurity, protecting personal property while at work, and security plans in case of emergency. Almost every business tends to hire extra seasonal help around the holidays, so this tip helps to make sure everyone is on the same page with current security policies.

5. Perform a Trial Run

If your security professional is doing their job, you may never have to hear your alarm system in action. However, you or your security provider should regularly test your equipment to make sure everything and every operator is functioning correctly. Check to make sure fire alarms are working and have a fire drill to ensure everyone is familiar with the quickest routes for exiting the building.

6. Be Merry But Also Be Safe

We encourage everyone to decorate their businesses for the holidays, but please remember that the business’s security must be prioritized. Check that no camera views are obscured by decorations. Make sure no doors, entrances or exits are blocked. If you are using decorative lights, make someone responsible for ensuring they are turned off regularly.

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