The Three Types of Perimeter Intrusion Detection Solutions ISC Recommends

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Commonly found on high-risk sites like prisons and military bases, perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) are one of the main components of a multi-faceted protection plan. High-tech security perimeter sensors as part of a fence detection system allow officials to monitor any person or thing that attempts to enter the perimeter of a secure area. Perimeter fence alarms with intrusion sensors can be hard-wired, wireless or a combination of both. A stellar benefit of these systems is their ability to learn about their environment over time so they can better serve you. Integrated Security Corporation recommends three types of perimeter intrusion detection solutions for our high-stakes clients who want to take their security to the next level.

Infrared Cameras 

Infrared or IR systems use thermographic cameras to capture the movement of heat in environments with little to no light. The Hydra Asset Protection System is made up of a sensor that uses both short-range passive infrared and an accelerometer. This two-prong approach allows a balance between extreme sensitivity to perimeter threats and a decrease in false and unnecessary alarms. Many customers opt for these intrusion sensors because they dramatically cut down installation time and cost.

We recommend the Hydra system to clients looking for an intrusion detection solution using security perimeter sensors because of their consistent quality and improved functionality over time. Clients with traditional fencing on their property can give themselves an instant tech upgrade by installing infrared sensors.

Infrared technology allows users to be instantly notified when a real perimeter breach has occurred, and these perimeter fence alarms can be integrated into any security protocols already in place. A classic fence can help keep people out, but Infrared cameras make sure they stay out. 

Fence Detection System 

Infinity 2020 is another wireless perimeter intrusion detection system that can be added to a traditional fence. ISC recommends the Infinity 2020 to users who want to add more tech to their fence security. The system creates its own incident reports and sends them to a programmed address for automatic record-keeping. The user dashboard allows all members of a security team to interact with the detection system through features like zoom, and the features are web-based for ease of use on the move. Most of the hardware of the Infinity 2020 fancy detection system is sheltered in a protected area that rarely has to be disturbed. All adjustments can be done from the user dashboard.

A great benefit of the Infinity 2020 is the built-in anemometer that continuously monitors wind speed. Several environmental factors are tracked and the system adjusts according to the real-time data. This data-driven monitoring helps cut down on false alarms, especially in extreme environments. While the Infinity 2020 offers some of the best perimeter detection available, it’s a rather low-cost and low-maintenance way to upgrade your security.

Digital Microwave Detectors 

ISC recommends the MWX Pro Series of digital microwave protection sensors manufactured by our Italian partner, Cias Elettrònica, to clients looking for the most precise level of perimeter security available today. These state-of-the-art digital microwave protection sensors learn patterns using technology to analyze the size, shape and movement of every disturbance. In other words, these smart sensors learn over time the types of disturbances that are harmless and those that require an alarm.

These intrusion sensors can recognize data they have been programmed to look for. Another benefit is their ability to send a photograph complete with timestamp of any disturbance to a storage cloud for later investigation if necessary. ISC can recommend the model that would operate best in the conditions of your property as each location brings its own challenges. The MW 482xPRO digital microwave works flawlessly even in areas with heavy interference from airport radar and military microwave transmissions.   

Who Installs Security Perimeter Sensors and Fencing?

Are you looking for a team of experienced security experts who can help you design and install the perfect perimeter protection product for your property? Integrated Security Corporation delivers cutting-edge perimeter intrusion detection systems to the most sensitive sites (cannabis grow facilities, airports, nuclear facilities and more) in the country and beyond. Instead of cookie cutter products, ISC creates for each customer a tailor-made security solution.

If you are interested in one of our perimeter fence alarms, contact our offices today to tell us more about your business. ISC specializes in crafting perimeter intrusion detection solutions that are tailored specifically to each client’s unique needs.