Potential Business Security Threats and How to Avoid Them

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business security threats

Many clients ask us how to protect their business from physical threats. Are you doing everything you can to deter threats to your business? A lack of security is like a personalized invitation to criminals. Read on to make sure you are protecting your investments from the top potential security threats to businesses. These are our most recommended tips for protecting your business from physical threats.

How to Protect Your Business from Physical Threats

Any security specialist will tell you that the best move you can make to protect your business is to take preventative action. Smart business owners don’t react AFTER the fact. They take initiative to mitigate risk before it can even happen.

Good security doesn’t just protect you. It also scares the perpetrators from even attempting to steal or damage your property. You need to evaluate the location and think like a criminal in order to see the vulnerabilities you should address. Most criminals look for low-hanging fruit. Businesses that take the time to craft a quality security system scare away most evil-doers from even trying to break in or vandalize. Just having a quality security system in place deters some people.

Secure Document Storage and Shredding Processes

One of the most common crimes we see isn’t theft of products, but theft of information. Loose lips sink ships, but allowing sensitive or proprietary information to fall into the wrong hands can be just as bad for your business. In some ways, information is a lot easier to steal than expensive merchandise. Fortunately, a good security routine will help protect you from document theft.

Secure your important information by restricting access to documents with software security, lock systems, clear desk policies and a shredding policy and routine. The key to protecting your documents and information is making sure it is not left in a place where it can be stolen or seen by people who could use it to hurt you. Make sure to consider security for your paper documents and electronic files.

Limit Access and Account for all Visitors 

Every business has vulnerable areas that shouldn’t be simple to access by just anyone. Business owners need to limit access by installing locks, alarms and identification systems. By requiring people to scan an ID to enter an area, you can stop the wrong people from entering. You also collect a log of everyone who had access to the area. Should anything go wrong in the area, a good identification system will tell you exactly who was in the trouble area.

You should also install hardware that ensures every door closes completely and locks after it is used. These anti-tailgate doors and warning systems make it impossible to sneak into an area undetected after a person has used their identification to open the door.

Employee Training 

Even if you install locks on every door, a poorly trained employee can undermine your efforts. It is natural for many people to hold doors open for the person behind them. Unfortunately, that is how many people seeking to do harm to a business get access. Many criminals know the most vulnerable aspect of any security system is the human element.

A criminal who wants to get in will go to great measures to pressure your employees into allowing them access. Train your employees to never allow a person to enter a building or area behind them and to always make sure the door shuts completely behind them. You must also train employees to never share their credentials. It’s not only a matter of employees giving out or lending their information willingly. Employees must also be trained to keep their IDs secure so the information cannot be stolen without their knowledge. One aspect of quality security is training employees to spot the seemingly innocent questions and actions that criminals use to gain access. Criminals may use information they have to convince your employees they can be trusted. 

These practices not only allow potential criminals into secure places, but they also allow them in with no evidence of who they are, when they entered or how long they stayed. A combination of security hardware and employee training is the best all-around protection for businesses when learning how to protect your business from physical threats.

Employee Training and Anti-tailgating Hardware

Integrated Security Corp. (ISC) delivers cutting-edge perimeter intrusion detection systems to some of the most sensitive businesses in the world. We protect people, information and valuable assets from business security threats. We specialize in crafting perimeter security solutions tailored specifically to your business’s unique needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help you protect your business from potential security threats.