What to Consider Before a Security System Upgrade

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combination wired and wireless security systems upgrade

If you have decided that it’s time for a security system upgrade to protect your business, you want a system that works for your specific needs. Integrated Security Corporation protects the most sensitive industries in the country, from nuclear facilities and prisons to military bases and utility stations. This means we are experts at identifying potential perimeter security risks and have the knowledge to keep your business secure. Here are our top tips to make your security system upgrade as simple as possible with combination wired and wireless security systems.

Factors to Consider

There is a lot more to think about than just if you want a combination wired and wireless security system, or a stand-alone system. Everything from your mounting surface to the environment needs to be taken into account before you decide on your security system upgrade. 

Weather: Weather can easily impact your perimeter’s security, due to temperature fluctuations, wind or a lightning strike that is attracted to your metal fence line. Do an assessment of weather-induced failures in your past security system, and take special note of your environment. 

Passersby: Passing people and animals are a frequent source of false alarms in both urban and rural settings. These alarms use up precious time and resources to check up on, and it’s our mission to stop these occurrences from keeping you up at night. Before you choose a security system upgrade, be aware of the natural passersby in the area, so you can take action against those false alarms. 

Type of Perimeter: ISC offers unique perimeter solutions for all types of perimeters, from fixed fences to sliding gates and wide-open spaces such as airports. We even have solutions for perimeters that change, such as construction sites or vehicles. Each perimeter has its unique needs to keep it secure, and we can help determine exactly what those are. 

Unique Needs: Do you want to integrate your perimeter security with your existing cameras? Or update with a portable system? Do you have limited power available? Are individual security zones important to you? Or perhaps a perimeter expansion is in the near future. ICS’s expertise in servicing unique businesses means we can formulate a solution that is tailored to your needs, whatever they may be.

When we work with our clients, we get to know their unique challenges, what has or hasn’t worked for them in the past and the exact environment and terrain we are working in. It is this comprehensive approach that gives our clients peace of mind. 

Three Flexible Solutions

Once you know what your needs and limitations are, it’s time to choose your security system upgrade. Our three top-of-the-line perimeter intrusion detection systems can be used alone, or together to create a combination wired and wireless security system. Here are the key features of each system:


  • Portable and wireless
  • Battery-powered
  • Easy to install
  • Requires body heat and movement to trigger an alert, reducing false alarms
  • Can be mounted to any object
  • Perimeter is easily changeable or scalable

Infinity 2000:

  • Industry-leading low false alarm rate
  • Graphic user interface with zones, making alarms easy to identify 
  • Zones can be configured individually
  • Makes adjustments to account for weather conditions
  • Works on sliding gates and unusual fences, such as razor wire or slack fences
  • Resists electrical disturbances, such as lightning

Digital Microwaves:

  • All disturbances are logged, whether or not they trigger an alarm
  • Using “fuzzy logic”, the system determines what is a threat and what is not. Gone are false alarms from wind, reflections, small animals or fog. 
  • Strong anti-masking capabilities
  • Can operate in tight confines
  • Not affected by radar or other microwave frequencies
  • Temperature is continually monitored to detect defaults

These are just the highlights of what our state-of-the-art systems can do; it takes a comprehensive approach to ensure your location is completely secured. 

When to Call a Professional

A security system upgrade should also come with an upgrade in service and knowledge. Why risk your business or property’s security by attempting to do it yourself – or even worse, hiring an inexperienced imposter. Our expertly curated combination of industry know-how and advanced technology allows us to improve the security of your system.

Our professional team is here for you every step of the way. We’ll access your specific and unique needs during the planning stages, oversee exacting installation and ensure you are completely comfortable understanding and operating your new system. We can even help with maintenance and perimeter chances in the future. 

Allow our experts to walk alongside you during your security system upgrade, so you can walk away knowing that your assets are protected from perimeter breaches and threats.