How Building Managers Can Reduce Security Risks

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Building managers must constantly stay alert to new risks to their properties. In many ways, criminals are just as innovative as anyone else, always coming up with new ways to target successful companies. Building managers must be just as vigilant in their security risk mitigation.  Here are some tips for businesses with the highest security concerns to keep their employees, merchandise and property safe. Read on for some of our best recommendations to protect your business.

Attitude is Everything

Many security breaches happen from an internal level. Your employees will mirror your attitude about security. If you are lax about security protocols, employees may follow the rules at first, but if you do not enforce the rules you make, employees will begin to slip. 

From the start, let everyone know that you take their security as well as your business’s security very seriously. Establish the ground rules. Put them in writing and give employees a copy. Make sure they read the agreement and sign that they will follow the stipulations. Make sure you’ve explained what will happen with each infraction of the rules and follow through if something happens.

Thieves Hate Lights

Most criminals are experts at not being seen, and bright lighting makes that more difficult. All areas in your business should be well-lit to make it easier and safer to move around without injury, but also to limit security breaches. Lights draw attention.

One way to save on electricity and always know where people are is by installing motion lights that only come on when someone moves under them. This type of lighting scares would-be criminals because there is no way to sneak around in the shadows. 

Entrance Detection Alarms and Tracking Systems

We’ve come a long way since the old bell on the door let store owners know a customer had entered, but the same principle still applies. You should have a system that allows you to track who has entered a location and how long they are there. People are less tempted to do wrong when they know their movements are being tracked. These types of alarms also keep your employees safer by ensuring that unsafe people  are not trespassing in areas where they should not be.

The security and expense of your alarm and detection system will greatly depend on the value and security challenges involved in your individual business needs. A top-of-line tracking system will allow you to always know where each employee and guest are at any time. It will also provide you a list of which person was where at all times. The most common method of identification is a scannable ID card, but businesses that require the highest levels of security often opt for a biometric recognition system. These systems are virtually impossible to fool. ID cards can be stolen, but fingerprints and facial features cannot.

Lock Everything

While tracking entrances and movement are important for security risk mitigation, don’t allow people the opportunity to go wherever they want just because they are being tracked. To cut down on risk, people should only be in places where they need to be. All doors should be locked, and places with vulnerable products and information should have more than one locked barrier to slow down intruders before security can arrive. 

Lock doors and limit the people who have access to keys. People should have to sign for keys. They should not be given out to everyone or hanging in plain sight.

Install Cameras Wherever Possible

Criminals have become experts at dodging cameras by destroying them, covering them or keeping to the camera’s blind spots. The key to getting around this is by installing high-quality cameras in strategic places. Hard-to-reach locations with open, unrestricted views are the most necessary, but also the most obvious. Those easy-to-spot cameras will scare some would-be burglars away, but a determined thief will figure out a way to bypass it. Installing many security cameras — some obvious and some hidden — makes it more difficult for people to get in and out without being seen. 

We can help you protect your business.

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