Businesses that Can Benefit from an Entry Point Control System

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One of our most common requests in recent months is businesses considering installing an entry point control system or vehicle barrier system. These security solutions help businesses have complete control and tracking of who receives access to sensitive information or assets. Since we’ve been answering so many questions on this topic, we’re going to run down the vital details on entry point control. Which businesses are most in need of this kind of high-level security technology? Read on to find out. 

What is Entry Point Control?

Entry point control systems are security systems that allow businesses to have complete control over who enters the premises of a building. Once inside, the system tracks where people go and when they went there. This level of accountability helps to keep anyone in the building honest. Employees know they cannot move around the company without being tracked, which helps remove the possibility of crimes of opportunity being committed without detection. Most criminals can be deterred with the correct security systems. Entry point access is a first-line of defense for many businesses.

Which Businesses are Most Likely to Use Entry Point Control and Why?

Many businesses that work with or for the government or the medical field are mandated to have an access control system on their premises. If a business would experience immense damage if an unauthorized person gained entrance, an entry point control system is a necessity. Some of the most likely businesses to have entry point control are financial institutions, medical sites, law enforcement agencies, law firms, government agencies, and businesses that work with extremely sensitive information or high-cost materials.

What Can This System Do for Your Business?

The benefits of an entry control system are increased security while also making it easier to move around a business campus. In the past, employees would carry keys to access different areas of the work premises. Keys are bulky–not to mention they can be forgotten or lost. They also leave no trace of who used the key. An access control system identifies an individual, allows them access only if appropriate, and keeps a record of who entered which section of a building. 


Depending on the type of entry point access control system you install, you can have different levels of control and oversight. An entry point control system can monitor all entry points in brick-and-mortar locations. An IP-based entry point control system restricts access to certain areas of a website or online platform, reducing the possibility of corruption, deletion, or loss of important data. Whether you are protecting people or information, there is an entry point control system for you.

You can determine whether a person needs access to a specific area in multiple ways:

  • Grant access based on a person’s role in the company. In this type of entry point system, supervisors have one level of access while other employees are only allowed access to the areas they need for their positions.
  • Grant access on an individual basis. In the most detailed entry point control systems, access is determined on a case-by-case basis. Each individual is granted access to only the areas they need to do their work.
  • Grant access on one level. With the most basic entry point control system, there are only two options: yes or no. The company provides the same access to all employees, regardless of their role in the company.
  • Grant access to vehicle use. With a vehicle barrier system, people can disable a vehicle when the driver attempts to take it outside of a designated area.

Does My Business Need One?

Entry point control systems are most necessary for businesses that require a high level of security or that store priceless assets, equipment, or merchandise. For some businesses, insurance companies require the system. Some businesses tell us their insurance companies don’t require one, but they do give a discount because these systems decrease the level of risk in so many different ways.

Where Can I Learn More About Security for My Business?

Integrated Security Corp. delivers cutting-edge perimeter intrusion detection systems to the most sensitive sites in the country and beyond. They specialize in crafting security solutions tailored specifically to each client’s unique needs. ISC has designed and installed entry point access control systems and vehicle barrier systems. Call today to discuss which entry point access system is right for you. When you need a vehicle barrier system, learn more from Integrated Security Corp!