Top Business Security Risks and How to Avoid Them

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business security risks

What are risks associated with business and at-risk business components? Many businesses have a strong online presence and a robust collection of digital resources they know they need to protect. Cybersecurity has grown leaps and bounds since the transformation of the business world from primarily brick-and-mortar to primarily virtual. As cyber security has moved to the forefront of many business owners’ minds, traditional brick-and-mortar security should still be a central concern for business owners. Companies lose millions every year as a result of theft, vandalism, and poor response to emergencies. Find out the biggest business security risks and how to avoid them.

Good Boundaries Make Good Employees

One of the biggest risks that businesses tend to ignore is the inside job. Even if you employ the most trustworthy employees in the world, accountability and transparency will ensure no one is tempted into something they wouldn’t normally do or get pressured into it by a conspirator. Any situation that could be tempting for an individual, like dealing with the cash or cataloging un-inventoried expensive merchandise, requires more than one employee to be present.

Have a System for Keeping Everything Secure and Cover the Holes

This is usually where the help of an experienced security professional will most help you level up your security and safety. When you work with a company like Integrated Security Group, a specialist will review your business’s specific routines and practices so we can spot your vulnerabilities and protect them. It often takes an outside eye looking at your business from a different perspective.

Keep an Electric Eye on Your Business to Easily Solve Security Mysteries

A camera system that records all business premises is useful in two main ways. First, certain kinds of actions can be immediately noticed and spark a quick and proper reaction from the correct person or authority. Second, people are constantly adapting to and creating ways to work around security systems. If they are able to bypass a measure, a good security camera system will allow you to easily trace everyone’s steps and figure out exactly what happened. This lets you stay two steps ahead of smart criminals.

Have Regular Drills on How to Handle Disasters and Emergencies

Do your employees know what risks are associated with business? A good security company will teach you how to train your employees to react correctly in even the worst situations. Many people spend a ton of money on hardware but forget the imperative step of training their employees how to use it. You should have scheduled maintenance checks and regular (but unexpected) employee drills to make sure everything and everyone is performing properly. A good security firm can take care of this for you so you have one less thing to worry about.

Install an Entry Point Access System so you know Who Goes Where

One of the best and most ubiquitous security protections is identification cards. Identification cards can tell employers way more than just the name of a person. Identification cards can keep a paper trail of who went where across the entire business campus. It can also lock and unlock certain areas according to the holder’s credentials. Identification cards are the most popular systems, but many companies use fingerprints or other ways to identify people.

You Need Hardware That Addresses Business Security Risks 

You wouldn’t dream of downloading a file into your business’s computer system without knowing what it is and who sent it, but you still have at-risk business components. You have a robust system for backing up files and protecting them from corruption. But what kind of hardware protects your servers? Most people know they need software to protect their digital files saved on servers. But businesses also need security to protect the servers themselves from disasters, vandalism, and theft.

Have a Security System in Place for Ex-employees

Many businesses create a security system with no plan in place for what to do when an employee leaves the company. There are onboarding policies when new people need to be added to the security system, but not enough attention is paid to what should happen when an employee leaves on good or bad terms. Identification cards should be deactivated. Keys should be returned and if there was a chance of the key being copied, the locks should be changed. This may seem impersonal, but if the same routine is in place for every employee, leaving a place of employment with security measures in place becomes the norm. 

Integrated Security Corp. Can Help You Find Your Vulnerabilities 

Even if you have risks associated with your business, you can still protect it. Even in the high-tech world where cybersecurity is the biggest talking point, most businesses still deal with the most common security threats of theft and vandalism. Some of the most important at-risk business components have nothing to do with your digital footprint. We can craft a security solution for your specific needs, no matter your business’s size or sensitivity level. ISC provides security to some of the most secure industries in the world. Call us today to find out what business security risks you might be missing.