Do I Need a Perimeter Security System if I have Existing Barriers?

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One of the most common questions we hear from our newer customers is “Do I need a perimeter security system if I have existing barriers?” While we understand that it may seem a little overkill to have a perimeter security system with existing barriers already in place, we still definitely recommend all of our customers do so. If you are not sure why or are on the fence as to whether or not you and your business needs security barrier systems, you have come to the right place for passive barriers! 

Defend Your Business When You Are Gone

The majority of all business break-ins occur through normal openings such as doors, windows or any other openings in your structure. These doors and windows can be considered existing barriers. If someone were to break down your business’s front door or open an unlocked window, would you feel comfortable with just having those barriers in place? We didn’t think so. 

Ensuring a second security barrier to your business will allow you to defend your business while you are not there. All of Integrated Security Corporation’s perimeter barrier security systems can alert you of anything suspicious at all hours of the day. That is something that a normal existing barrier can not do for you. 

Security Barrier Systems Available to You

At Integrated Security Corporation we understand that each business is different and unique and deserves the same in their approach to security barrier systems. As such, we have developed the best three perimeter barrier operating systems to provide your business with the individual security it deserves. If you thought passive barriers were the only option for your budget, think again!. 

Hydra Asset Protection System: This is one of our most sought after perimeter intrusion detection systems. Hydra offers a unique solution that is not saturated within the market yet. Containing three separate pieces of equipment, Hydra is known for its unparalleled accuracy and versatile applicability. The dual detection wireless system transmits all information across a mesh network that is beyond secure. Then, a heavy-duty antenna transmits that information from the dual detection system to Gateway. Finally, the Gateway sends out alert notifications if a disturbance is noted. The best part? You can pick the way you are notified: text, email, phone – you name it! 

Infinity 2020: This system is also a perimeter intrusion detection system, but is different from the Hydra in many ways. The easiest of the systems to install, the Infinity 2020 security barrier system prides itself on a high probability of detection, all while maintaining lower than industry standard false alarm rates. How, you may ask? The Infinity is so cutting edge that it allows an incredibly high sensitivity setting without the inconvenience of multiple false alarms. It does this by filtering out unnecessary disturbances such as weather, animals, and the like. Infinity is so versatile, it works on virtually any type of perimeter barrier around your business. 

Digital Microwaves: Unlike previous microwaves used to discover disturbances, our digital microwaves aren’t even designed to start working until a disturbance is noted. By using fuzzy logic, our digital microwaves use their extensive stored patterns and quickly determine if there is an actual disturbance or not. This cuts down on the false alarms drastically. A unique feature of digital microwaves is that they have anti-masking capabilities as well, which is unheard of in the microwave realm of security barrier systems.

Protect Your Perimeter and Your Peace of Mind

Learning more about the types of perimeter security barriers Integrated Security Corporation can provide you, our hope is that you no longer question whether having a perimeter security system is needed if you have existing barriers. 

Integrated Security Corporation is at the forefront of providing superior perimeter intrusion detection systems to all different types of businesses – from high security prisons to more sensitive businesses like cannabis grow facilities and nuclear plants. No matter where your business falls within this spectrum, Integrated Security Corporation has exactly what you need to keep your business protected, and more importantly, your peace of mind. 

Call Us Today

If you are still unsure as to which barrier security system is right for you and your unique business, please give us a call today. We have our best security technicians available to help answer any questions you may have and walk you through the entire process from start to finish. 

It’s no wonder Integrated Security Corporation has been in the industry for decades by going above and beyond for our customers with passive barriers. We can not wait to show you why we are the only choice for all of your security barrier system needs, contact us today.