Protect Your Business and Inventory with a Complete Security Solution

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Many people don’t realize all of the many options they have when seeking out a complete security solution to protect their valuable merchandise. Remember that theft isn’t the only major threat to your valuables and inventory. Natural disasters like floods and earthquakes rarely allow you time to secure your possessions and inventory, but a complete security integration can help prevent damage from such threats. Many insurance policies offer a discount if you use one of the following forms of security to protect your valuables.

Residential and commercial customers alike need a complete security solution to keep valuables safe. Integrated Security Corporation has helped many businesses design, install and maintain a complete security integration. If you are considering improved methods to protect your commercial inventory, check out the leading ways commercial property owners protect their product inventory with ISC.

Alarm Monitoring System

Today’s alarm systems perform a host of services. Users can have a simple alarm that sounds when tripped. They could also choose a silent alarm that is only sent to the owner and or police. With this type of alarm, the criminal continues on, unaware he or she has been detected and reported. These systems allow security officers to catch criminals in the act. With an alarm system, users plan how to respond to the alarm in advance as a part of their security plan. Knowing how you will react should disaster ever strike helps alleviate everyday stressors that come with running a business.

Hidden Storage Rooms

One of the oldest ways human beings have protected their property from others was to hide it, and that technique still works, although it’s gone high-tech. Today’s hidden storage rooms are undetectable and easily monitored from one’s phone or computer. Like safes, hidden secure rooms allow users instant access to their valuables along with a built-in level of security. Aside from being hidden, these rooms are just about impossible to access by anyone who isn’t approved.

Video Surveillance and Security Camera Systems

Installing a high-quality camera system means you constantly have an eye on your valuables. You can give yourself a lot of peace with the ability to do a visual check on your property from your phone or computer. Hopefully, the camera will result in the act being halted, but if the perpetrator does make off with your valuables, a good camera system that produces clear images will help you find him or her. In many cases, the mere presence of cameras has been known to ward off some would-be intruders.

Perimeter Security 

If you need to secure an area where valuable product inventory is kept, perimeter security is the solution. Perimeter protection can be used for small spaces as well as thousands of acres of property. Today’s perimeter security solutions are very sophisticated. Over time, these systems “learn” more about the area they protect, which cuts down on false alarms as these systems learn to tell the difference between everyday disturbances and actual breaches of the perimeter.

On-Location Safes

If you have valuables kept on hand for regular use, a safe may be your best option. These high-tech strongboxes protect valuables from the effects of fire and flood. No matter the size, they can be installed so they are impossible to remove from the site. Owners can choose multiple steps to gain entry, making it as difficult as possible to be breached.

Off-Site Safe Deposit Storage

For valuables you’d rather not keep on hand, safe deposit solutions offer users a private storage space that is protected by multiple layers of security such as alarms, video surveillance and 24-hour monitoring by armed officers. You can access the space by making an appointment, visiting the site and providing the correct credentials and key.

Complete Security Integration

ISC delivers cutting-edge security systems to the most sensitive sites — cannabis grow facilities, airports, nuclear facilities and more — in the country and beyond. We specialize in crafting a complete security solution tailored specifically to clients’ unique needs. As inflation rises and the cost of materials rise with it, businesses need to protect their investments. Call (248) 624-0700 today or send us a message to learn how ISC can help you to protect home or business.