The Benefits of a Wireless Fence Intrusion Detection System

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Recently, we’ve noticed our customers’ interest in wireless fence intrusion detection systems has increased. Those same clients are usually surprised by the low cost of upgrading to wireless. Wireless fence intrusion detection systems, also known as wireless fence sensors or wireless perimeter security systems, add another level of security to traditional fences. In fact, they’ve become so reliable that some new companies consider wireless detection systems their frontline of defense.

How can a Wireless Fence Intrusion Detection System help you and your business?

Save Money

One of the most popular benefits of going wireless is the amount of savings over time. Wireless fence intrusion detection systems are less costly to install because they require less equipment. Another benefit is how quickly a wireless fence intrusion detection system can be installed. When protecting a location where hardwiring is either impossible or financially prohibitive, wireless is a great option.

Adapt Quickly

Businesses need to be able to pivot quickly when unforeseeable changes occur. Wireless fence intrusion detection systems are incredibly easy to change and adapt to a new location or to set up. Need to handle a short-term, high-security risk? Wireless detection systems can spring into gear immediately. Hardwired systems, on the other hand, typically lock businesses into their original plan, regardless of changes.

Be Safe

Wireless technology has become more reliable and better performing than hardwired security options over the last decade. All kinds of businesses, from governments to banks and even military installations, now rely on wireless fence intrusion detection systems. 

Stay Updated

Updates can be done instantly and automatically. With wireless systems, security service providers can provide remote updates so that you are never left vulnerable because of a missed alert to update your system. These days, updates happen fairly regularly as new dangers are discovered daily. Wireless fence sensors automatically upgrade as new security information comes to light.

Expand Your Options

Wireless perimeter security systems offer a lot of options that are unavailable in hardwired systems. Employees can be given fobs that allow them to interact with the system as needed. All of the activity in the perimeter can be monitored on a dashboard. The possibilities are always growing and truly endless.

What kind of equipment will I need for a wireless fence intrusion detection system?

It depends on which system you choose, but with a wireless system you will definitely be using fewer materials. That’s why wireless fence intrusion detection systems are more economical. Wireless systems can be provided for huge installations or for just small additions to your traditional fences.

What are some of the best wireless fence intrusion detection systems on the market?

Integrated Security Corporation offers some of the best wireless fence systems available today. 

Our Digital Microwave protection sensors, manufactured in Italy by Cias Elettrònica, are on constant surveillance for any disturbance within the perimeter of the area they are set to protect. Over time, these sensors learn the behavior of the environment and begin to filter through regular operational noise. This technology greatly reduces the number of false alarms experienced in other types of wireless detection systems.

What if you’ve already invested in hard security like fencing around the perimeter? The Hydra Asset Protection System is an easy-to-install wireless system that quickly upgrades standard fencing and adds smart security to your old-fashioned fencing. Hydra vigilantly searches not only for disturbances on your fence but also for any people who are approaching the area. Hydra sends an alert to your user dashboard so your security team can monitor and react.

Infinity 2020 is another wireless perimeter intrusion detection system that can be added to your already installed traditional fence. These upgrades instantly turn your obsolete security solution into a wireless fence intrusion detection system. Infinity 2020 comes with a robust user dashboard that allows you and your employees to monitor large areas and easily zoom in on disturbances. Infinity 2020 also boasts real-time weather adjustments, making it a great option in extreme climates.

How do I get a Wireless Fence Intrusion Detection System installed at my business?

Integrated Security Corporation (ISC) delivers cutting-edge wireless fence intrusion detection systems to some of the most sensitive businesses in the world, protecting people, information, and valuable assets. They specialize in crafting perimeter security solutions tailored specifically to each site’s unique needs. ISC offers financing so businesses can enjoy better security as they invest in their protection over time. Contact ISC today to learn more about protecting your business from potential security threats.