Why are Outdoor Perimeter Alarm Systems so Popular?

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If you’ve been considering an upgrade to your security system, we suggest an outdoor perimeter alarm system. Perimeter intrusion detection systems are the singular focus at ISC, and they are on the rise! While it might seem cost-prohibitive, perimeter alarm systems can be affordable, and the peace of mind is priceless. Naturally we get lots of questions about perimeter security systems, and we’ve got answers! 

Why are perimeter alarm systems so popular?

Even the best security systems have weak spots, and that’s one reason perimeter alarm systems are so useful. Perimeter security is rarely used alone. It is often the first line of defense. Buildings with no security systems in place are about 300% more likely to be targeted for vandalism and theft. For many criminals, the mere sight of a security system is enough to dissuade them. It’s just not worth the hassle. Some insurance companies require owners to install a security system. Generally speaking, you will pay higher premiums if a perimeter alarm system is not installed. The lack of a perimeter security system makes your property more likely to be trespassed and thereby creating a greater liability.

What’s the technology in a perimeter alarm systems outdoor setup?

Outdoor perimeter security systems usually consist of a collection of sensors arranged along the location’s property line. Any time an intruder attempts to enter the perimeter of the property, an alarm notifies the site owner and security team. The appeal of outdoor perimeter security systems is the ability to know if someone has entered the premises before they can do any damage. An outdoor perimeter security system is the modern-day equivalent of building an insurmountable wall around your property. The importance of a good outdoor security system can’t be overestimated.

Which properties most need an outdoor perimeter alarm system?

All properties and industries can benefit from an outdoor perimeter alarm system, but they are most necessary in sprawling or highly vulnerable locations. Crop fields, storage areas, utility stations and airports all need high-functioning perimeter security because the risk is too great and/or there is simply too much ground to monitor in traditional ways without a lot of expensive human resources. Garages and parks, where people often find themselves alone, greatly benefit from perimeter security systems. Even homeowners are turning to perimeter security.

How much perimeter protection does my property need?

An ISC security expert will discuss with you the unique needs of your property, assess the property to determine the risk level, and then offer insight on how to best secure the site. Some of the most common property types for perimeter detection systems are very long driveways, multi-acre properties, wooded areas and gardens. There are lots of ways to protect properties, and there are unique challenges with outdoor security systems. Expert consultation and assessment of the property by a security professional is the best way to choose the appropriate technology and system outdoor perimeter alarm system.

What options are available in outdoor perimeter security systems?

In addition to the perimeter detection sensors around a property, outdoor perimeter alarm systems can also incorporate fencing, infrared beams, barbed wire, video cameras, entry point access systems, motion detectors and sirens. Perimeter alarms also have varying levels of preciseness. Some businesses don’t want an alarm going off every time a harmless deer or rabbit wanders onto their land. Perimeter detection systems have the ability to notice the difference, taking away the likelihood of nuisance false alarms.

Where can I learn more about outdoor perimeter alarm installation?

ISC has been delivering cutting-edge perimeter intrusion detection systems to the most sensitive sites — cannabis grow facilities, airports, nuclear facilities and more — throughout the country and beyond. We specialize in crafting a perimeter security solution that is tailored specifically to the property’s requirements. ISC installs perimeter security solutions for homes and businesses. Contact ISC to speak with a security expert.