ISC Hydra System Used to Protect Critical Radioactive Storage Facilities

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radioactive storage facility security

Integrated Security Corporation (ISC) is a provider of fence intrusion detection products in use at many critical facilities.  ISC systems are in use at over 20 nuclear facilities in the United States, with a proven track record of reliability and performance in providing radioactive storage facility security.

A nuclear facility in the northeast part of the country is using the ISC Infinity 2020 system to cover the perimeter fence.  They also had a need to cover interior storage areas for radioactive materials.  With the Infinity 2020 already providing effective detection for them, they asked Integrated Security Corporation for assistance in protecting these smaller areas.  ISC asked its client to consider the wireless dual sensing Hydra system.  Hydra’s flexibility and easy installation were a great fit for the application, and a test installation was agreed upon.

Hydra’s PIR and Accelerometer sensors provided effective detection with minimal false alarms during the 30-day test period.  This led to an order for a full Hydra system.  While Hydra can integrate with existing security infrastructure, this system was installed as a standalone option.  Using a cell modem, the facility can be notified of intrusion attempts through a phone call, a text, an email, or any combination of the three.  The Hydra system also provides the capability to be used in other storage areas as needed, with the capacity to add additional sensors to the system.

ISC systems’ high probability of detection with an extremely low false alarm rate gives the peace of mind needed for these types of applications, providing a level of performance that other systems can’t match.

Radioactive Storage Facility Security

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