5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Perimeter Security System

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The physical location of your company is the hottest ground for breaches including cyberattacks. Whether you operate a cannabis grow facility, a trucking terminal, or auto dealership, or are in agriculture—you need a solid system to cover a lot of territory without spending a fortune. A perimeter intrusion detection system is a discreet, professional way to protect your greatest assets. From Hydra to Infinity 2020, Integrated Security Corp. specializes in perimeter security. See how we can help you improve your business with a customized intrusion detection system.

Concerns of Perimeter Security

From white lines and signage to armed security guards and glass break detectors, there are a variety of tools and techniques involved with perimeter protection. The perimeter is where a whopping 80 percent of break-ins at businesses occur (Source 1). Here you have windows, skylights, vents, and doors, as well as shaded entryways that are a prime haunting ground for criminals.

Provide protection around the exterior of your office, property, or landscaping with a more economical and flexible concept. Compared to armed security guards or electric fencing, the use of perimeter intrusion detection devices with wireless service is far more affordable for the long term.

Redefining Perimeter Security

At the same time, you need to have security for more than just the entryways. Did you know you can utilize intruder detection devices to create your own perimeter? Let’s say you have a truck with a $1 million freight load. You can use the Hydra detection system that features sensors and radio frequencies to protect that freight for a short period, say, 24 hours.

Attach the devices with short-range, passive infrared detectors on the trailer. When any movement is made, this is instantly picked up via vibration or temperature changes or if someone actually touches the trailer. You can easily affix the device with a dual-detection wireless sensor to any object, big or small. This increases the useability and functionality of perimeter security for project after project. As a result, you get even more for your initial equipment investment.

Protection of Your Employees and Visitors

Prevent intruders, or escape artists, who are looking for an easy way to enter or leave your establishment unchecked. Improve the confidence that visitors and employees have when coming to work or the office thanks to offering onsite perimeter security.

Appreciate knowing you are protecting their personal security, as well as their data, proprietary knowledge, equipment, and products from theft. In addition, you are providing security without the imposing persona of an actual security guard. Armed or not, a personal security presence is also a costly expense that you can bypass entirely with a perimeter security system.

Savings on Insurance and Taxes

There are a couple of ways to cut the costs of insurance with the use of perimeter security fencing. See if you can cut back on your premium costs by implementing security upgrades to your business. When you install perimeter security, you are also minimizing commercial insurance claims thanks to fewer acts of vandalism, loitering, and break-ins.

You also want to look into any tax credits that can help you reduce your expenses. Check with a certified public accountant that specializes in taxes to find out if there are any ways to deduct this expense. Depending on the industry you operate in, there may be a way to save even more with the implementation of a perimeter security system.

Secured Image of Your Business

With our perimeter security services, we set up an entire system for the perimeter in a shorter amount of time, compared to large-scale industrialized security systems and programs. This is perfect for temporary worksites and highly sensitive equipment and locations that require discretion with security monitoring services. In addition, we have experience and work with business owners and managers who are in the following industries:

  • Agricultural operations
  • Cannabis grow facilities
  • Car dealers
  • Cell tower sites
  • Construction sites
  • Gas and oil mining operations
  • Utility substations
  • Military bases
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Prisons and jails
  • Trucking company terminals
  • Utility substations
  • Warehouse distribution centers

Select the Best Property Perimeter Security System Today

Our property perimeter security system services cover the gamut. This includes Hydra, Infinity 2020, and digital microwaves. Contact our office today to speak with a security agent. Integrated Security Corp. is ready to assist you with finding the perfect security product for your needs.

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