Can a Security System Inherently Prevent Theft

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theft mitigation security system

If you are a business owner, you know how difficult it can be to manage a commercial security system for theft. No business wants to risk losing its assets or putting its employees in dangerous situations. These losses can stop business growth in its tracks, and it takes away a large part of your resources to recoup. Theft mitigation through security helps stop burglars from getting entry into your property, and it also safeguards the assets at all times. Here are some ways security systems can protect against theft.

Inherently Preventing Attempts for Theft

The UNC Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology surveyed 422 burglars across North Carolina and Kentucky. The department found that most burglars considered outdoor fencing, cameras, signs, and other equipment when choosing where to burgle.

Sixty percent of burglars said they were deterred when faced with theft mitigation through security measures that would expose them. Therefore, if you choose to arm your business with the appropriate actions, whether it is an airport, military base, or cannabis grow facility, the best security systems are a must for protecting the property. For facilities such as these, you need theft mitigation through security.

Securing Military Bases

With threats of foreign and domestic attacks seemingly at an all-time high, there is never a wrong time to consider the security systems in place for a military base and how to upgrade to have the best, most-trusted security systems surrounding the perimeter.

When it comes to the security of the military personnel and assets, and civilians, there can be no room for any potential security threats. Military bases’ are classified, and their dangerous nature can go from seemingly harmless situations and escalate quickly to become volatile.

Implementing and installing the best and most advanced commercial security system for theft against military bases is essential to manage and mitigate potential threats safely. This is because securing military bases across the world is so important. However, professional military security guards, administrators, and staff cannot be the only source of military base security.

Protecting Cannabis Grow Facilities

If you are involved in the cannabis industry, you are probably familiar with the importance of high-quality security systems for their facilities. Unfortunately, there is a recent increase in theft in California targeting cannabis businesses. This is nothing new to the world of legal cannabis, but it is an issue that continues to grow along with the expansion of the market.

Protecting your cannabis grow facility from breaches is a critical element of running a successful business. One of the most significant challenges cannabis businesses faces is perimeter security. Strict state regulations require detailed planning, scale, remote monitoring capabilities, and more, making it necessary to take additional cannabis perimeter security precautions.

Cannabis businesses – it is crucial that you invest in a perfect security system to ensure success and safety.

Promotes a Safe Working Environment

As a business owner, it is your responsibility for the health and safety of your employees. Having security systems installed promotes a safe work environment by ensuring that your employees are monitored at all times.

If there should be an unfortunate accident, local authorities can respond immediately and address the issue as fast as possible. It also gives the employees a sense of relief when working odd hours or late shifts.

The employees will feel safe knowing that the establishment has a modern commercial security system for theft prevention. In addition, it will allow them to focus on the work at hand without fearing their health or physical well-being.

Peace of Mind with Integrated Security Group

Is your business ready for a tailored security solution that is just perfect? At Integrated Security Group, we are here to help. Integrated Security Group (ISC) is a manufacturer of intrusion detection systems that are in use at the highest security facilities in the world.

We offer a Hydra Security Fence, which features sensors that use dual-detection technology that sense both short-range, passive infrared (PIR) signatures, and an accelerometer detecting any vibration from physical activity actually on the fence. Requiring the detection from both of these events for an alarm allowed the Hydra to filer out any false alarms.

Infinity 2020 delivers unmatched accuracy, probability of detection and is coupled with an industry-leading low false alarm rate. This system allows users to retain a high sensitivity setting on the sensor lines without being overwhelmed by false alarms by filtering out transient disturbances such as the weather. In addition, infinity is engineered to give users peace of mind. Utilizing first-class technology, Infinity provides superior performance for years on end.Contact us today to discuss our customized security systems designed just for your business.