8 Things to Consider When Choosing a Security System

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Crime rates are rising and many business owners are searching for and finding a security company and system that will allow them to have peace of mind. If your business is considering adding more layers of security, Integrated Security Corp. will help you determine exactly what you need. As you compare your commercial security options, there are certain ideas you should keep in mind. Want to know the eight most important considerations when choosing a security system for your business?

    1. Consider Your Specific Needs

In terms of the size of the security business you choose, bigger isn’t always better. A smaller company can generally offer more personal service. Choosing a security system and firm that matches your needs is the first consideration. Larger companies tend to offer one size fits all options. 

    1. Shop Around

Finding a security company means “googling” a few different companies and comparing what you see so you have an idea of all of your choices and their pros and cons. While asking for recommendations from friends is a great way to find some businesses to research, not every business has the same needs or expectations of their security professionals. Do your due diligence to find out a company’s background and record.

    1. Make Sure They Offer a Variety of Solutions

Many security companies tend to push their own products or services. Dishonest companies push these services even when unnecessary. The best security providers offer several different options that you can choose from when shopping for commercial security. Be wary of salespeople who push you into directions that don’t make sense to you.

    1. Get Clear Contracts that Protect Everyone

The contracts should spell out the exact costs as well as the exact features you can expect to receive for your investment. This piece of paperwork may turn out to be extremely important so it’s worth making a fuss to ensure you get it. You also want to know how to exit the contract if the partnership doesn’t work for you. No contract, no good.

    1. Check References

Think of your security consultant as a new employee. You want a security company that can be your partner. Look for positive reviews and testimonials from happy customers. Another good sign in any company is the ability to embrace new developments in the security business. The security and protection industry is constantly changing because criminals are constantly changing. Choose a company that is up-to-date on the newest tech trends.

    1. Ask about Subscription AND Hardware Costs

These are often two separate investments. When you purchase a new security system, inquire about the outright price as well as any ongoing services you will need to pay for to keep everything in working order. You will likely also need support at some point so make sure your contract includes a clause about support. Take some time to review how you reach out for help and keep any contact information you need on hand.

    1. Find Out What’s Protected

When comparing security firms, make sure to get a clear idea of the offering. Some companies are excellent at making it look like you are getting more than you really are. Security solutions should offer you a greater sense of protection from a host of threats. Many people believe the mere impression of having a security system deters crime. While that’s true, businesses that hold valuable merchandise or information must go further to protect themselves. 

    1. Who is On Call?

Some security systems offer a direct line to local law enforcement if a situation requires it. The quality and availability of local law enforcement vary by location. Consider whether you want to supplement with extra security personnel who can help if local law enforcement is unable to respond promptly and with sufficient resources.

Choosing a Security System

Finding a security company and system isn’t impossible. Integrated Security Corp. (ISC) offers cutting-edge security solutions and perimeter intrusion detection systems to some of the most sensitive businesses in the world. ISC protects people, information and valuable assets. The company specializes in crafting perimeter security solutions tailored specifically to each business’s unique needs. Are you searching for innovative ways to protect your business? Contact ISC today to discuss your security options.

Finding a Security Company | Choosing a Security System