Do you need a Commercial Security System for Your Business?

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The short answer is yes. Any business with a warehouse, showroom or office needs a commercial security system. These days, thieves see a business without a security system as an invitation. If you have a commercial building, you need security monitoring for commercial buildings. 

Just a Few of the Benefits of a Commercial Security System

  • Watch everything that happens between your customers and employees at any time.
  • Have emergency response teams react before you can even make the call.
  • Take a quick look at any section of the perimeter of your building whenever you want.
  • Outfit your business with a deterrent to crime and vandalism. Just the sight of a security camera will scare most criminals away from even attempting to break in. They know beating today’s state of the art security protocols is all but impossible.

Protect Your Livelihood from The Most Dangerous Security Threats to Commercial Properties 

Natural disasters, fluctuating economies and greedy thieves: a business owner’s worries never seem to end. But with the right insurance and security systems in place, you don’t have to worry about rebuilding your livelihood after life’s circumstances. Here’s a look at the most common threats to commercial properties and how Integrated Security can help you protect your business from being a victim with a commercial security monitoring system.


Businesses are a prime target for burglaries because greedy criminals know they can get multiple pieces of expensive merchandise to resell at top dollar. The more expensive or hard-to-get your product, and the more you keep on the premises, the greater the risk your business is at being targeted. Our security systems. can spot the same weak entry points that thieves look for, and allow you to seal them.

Sadly, criminals and outsiders aren’t the only culprits when it comes to theft. Employees steal about $50 billion from U.S. businesses annually. Customer theft also costs businesses billions with criminals getting craftier every day.  Both of these problems can be curbed with the right security monitoring system.


Vandalism may be one of the most pointless crimes out there, but as long as people continue to build great things, there will be other people who see a new home for graffiti or something to destroy. A good commercial security system will shine a light on these places, both literally and figuratively, deterring criminals from performing a senseless act of vandalism on the building that represents all of your hard work.

Of course, some vandals refuse to be stopped. However, we make sure they can be identified and held accountable with state-of-the-art surveillance systems that deliver sharp, clear images of who did what. We can also make sure that you and the authorities are notified as soon as something begins to happen, taking away any chance the trespassers have to get away.

Fires afflict hundreds of businesses a year. Most are accidental, but some are intentionally set. A quality commercial security system will incorporate smoke alarms and other triggers to alert the fire department of the issue as soon as possible. The faster emergency services can get to your property after a fire, the more chance you have of saving your property.


Surely, one of the biggest risks businesses face today is lawsuits. It seems like some people are just looking for businesses to make a mistake, so they can pounce. A good security company can point out potential lawsuits before they happen. If you can show that your business did everything in its power to mitigate that risk, your properties are protected from many of these frivolous lawsuits.

Individual Attention to your Specific Requests

No business is the same. A professional security organization can help you find the best options and approach for each business’s specific security needs. Many security companies offer across-the-board cookie-cutter security plans that don’t take a business’s individual assets and risks into consideration. ISC works with some of the most sensitive sites in the world. Each business has its own vulnerabilities. Wecan help you locate yours, and make sure that criminals do not find them first.

On the flip side, many businesses waste money on pricey options that really don’t work for their business. There is no point paying for security protocols that aren’t really protecting you. The experts at ISC will be honest about what you need and explain why.. For instance, we’ll let you know how and how long to hold on to your surveillance footage in case any lawsuits or complaints show up long after the event has happened.

ISC Provides Exceptional Commercial Security Monitoring Systems for Businesses

ISC delivers cutting-edge perimeter intrusion detection systems to the most sensitive sites (cannabis grow facilities, airports, nuclear facilities and more) in the country and beyond. We specialize in crafting a perimeter security solution that is tailored specifically to the client’s unique needs. Call today to find out where your property needs more protection.