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Integrated Security Corporation (ISC) recently redesigned its website. ISC invites visitors to enjoy all the new features. Also, many updates are in store in the near future.

The updated website contains more images. As a result, the new images provide customers with a better understanding of ISC products. Most images are high res as well. In other words, the new website offers a clearer picture of ISC services.

ISC always focuses on meeting the unique needs of each customer. Similarly, website changes kept these concerns in mind. The menu rests in the upper right corner of each page. This change improves user experience.


All of the available products have newly designed pages. For instance, the Hydra page shows sensors in a variety of deployments. This gives website viewers a great idea of the system in the field. In addition, the Infinity 2020 page now illustrates the graphical user interface (GUI). This feature allows potential customers to get a visual feel for the Infinity 2020 software. The Infinity 2020 page also explains various advantages that the system holds over others. The Digital Microwave page contains more images than any other. Because it is such a complex product, the graphics are there. Above all, website visitors should leave understanding ISC products.

Markets Served

ISC serves numerous markets. For instance, utility, nuclear, gas and oil all need security. They trust ISC products. ISC protects a variety of markets. The Markets Served page explains that. It displays a dozen of these markets. On the bottom of the page is a striking screen crawl. The screen crawl highlights many ISC customers. Obviously, it’s hard to argue with a customer list that stellar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Perimeter systems can be difficult to understand. These systems are complex. Often website visitors don’t grasp system info. Therefore, an FAQ section allows users to view answers to common questions. ISC prides itself on great customer service. Answering questions on the website helps make that possible.


The FAQ page isn’t the only place to find answers on the new website. The Documents page includes various guides for systems. It also offers vital info on system parts. In addition, useful white papers reside on the Documents page. Short and sweet, white papers offer useful results for single industries.


The stories of the day for perimeter security and ISC! It’s a pretty simple concept. The new website will deliver more relevant news than before. In other words, expect trade show updates, pictures and important info. Website guests should be informed. The News section will ensure this.

Contact Us

The site includes a brief contact page. Making contact with ISC through the website is now easier than ever before. And ISC will certainly get back to you quickly. Customer service remains the top priority.