The Departments of Corrections in Florida and Vermont install Infinity 2020

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Florida Department of Corrections

In 2014, the Florida Department of Corrections installed the Infinity 2020 system at their Cross Creek facility as a pilot site.  Officials were afraid that a copper-based system would be susceptible to the frequent lightning storms that occur in Florida.  After four years with no issues and a stellar false alarm rate, the DOC decided to use the Infinity 2020 system at all their camps. The Calhoun and Gainesville Work Camps are the first two  to go in.

Vermont Department of Corrections

Northern State Correctional Facility in Vermont has installed the Infinity 2020 system this spring based on the references Integrated Security provided.

Additionally, several Federal Bureau of Prisons sites and in Ohio, Connecticut and Virginia are also installing Infinity 2020 system. A full list of our correctional sites can be found on ISC’s Markets We Serve webpage.