An Intruder Just Broke into Property — How Long Before the Police Arrive?

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One of the scariest things a brick-and-mortar business owner can experience is a break-in. A lot can happen in a short period of time, and it is important to know what to do if a break-in occurs at your business. Let’s discuss the average police response time, how much property vandalism can occur, and deterring crime and business burglaries. 

What is the Average Police Response Time?

Depending on the location of your business, average police response times may vary, however there are resources available to give you accurate data for your area. A recent study revealed the average police response time for 10 of the largest cities around the United States. The longest average police response time out of all cities listed was less than 15 minutes, clocking in around 13 minutes. Conversely the fastest average police response time was just under three-and-a-half minutes.

Again, these numbers only reflect average police response times for the 10 largest cities in the United States, so make sure to consult local resources when doing research for your business. If  your business or property is not located in a large city, consider contacting the local police station. They will be able to provide a much better estimation of the average police response time specific to your business’s location.

How Much Property Vandalism Can Occur During a Business Burglary?

Assuming you receive notification of a business burglary right away and are able to alert the police in a timely manner, the amount of property vandalism and damage during a business burglary should be minimal. Sadly that is not always the case. 

If you own a business with tangible assets or inventory displayed or stored on the property, there is a greater chance of experiencing property damage versus businesses that do not have inventory, equipment and other assets on site. Regardless, there are many preventative measures that can be taken to ensure your property receives the least amount of damage or theft possible during a break-in. 

Deterring Crime and Business Burglaries

Break-ins, burglaries and vandalism happen. The best way to mitigate that risk is to put safeguards in place that protect your business when you can’t be there! At Integrated Security Corporation we provide security solutions for every type of business and industry.  We specialize in three security solutions: the Hydra Asset Protection System, the Infinity 2020 and Digital microwaves. 

Hydra Asset Protection System. The Hydra is a game changer for PIDS (perimeter intrusion detection systems). It utilizes short-range infrared coupled with an accelerometer to identify all disturbances and help to eliminate false alarms. Experience the best of both worlds with the Hydra: a traditional security fence plus wireless detection—the combination is a powerhouse for deterring crime!

Infinity 2020. This cable-based PIDS is what top-level security businesses use. Whether you’re responsible for a prison or a nuclear power plant, the Infinity is your best choice. Using a high sensitivity setting, the Infinity provides lower than average false alarms by filtering out natural disturbances like weather.

Digital Microwaves. The digital microwaves at Integrated Security Corporation are unlike any on the market today. Digital microwaves quantify a particular disturbance by its shape, size and speed. With this high-quality option, unnecessary disturbances will soon be a thing of the past!

Regardless of the type of brick-and-mortar business or property, it is imperative to have a security system in place to protect your assets. State-of-the-art security systems from Integrated Security Corporation will not only protect your business but also provide peace of mind.

If you are unsure about which security system is best for your business, reach out today and talk to an ISC specialist. Integrated Security Corporation understands that every business and property is different and has unique needs, and each business deserves their own individualized security solution.