Security Solutions to Protect Your Cannabis Business

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The ever-growing cannabis business needs to have cannabis security solutions that are able to grow and change with the business. Regardless of your desired form of cannabis production, Integrated Security Corporation has the proper national cannabis security solution and services just for you. 

Security Solutions for Cannabis Dispensaries

Whether you are starting out in the cannabis dispensary realm or are a seasoned pro, top-notch security systems should be a high priority. Some cannabis dispensaries can span multiple buildings or even compounds wide and need to have a fitting security solution for such a large space – the average security guard and a few cameras are not going to cut it. 

It does not matter whether your cannabis dispensary can span football fields or if it is just a small office, Integrated Security Corporation has exactly the cannabis security solution for you. 

The Hydra Asset Perimeter Intrusion System (PIDS) is one of the best national cannabis security services you can provide for your cannabis dispensary. The Hydra is made up of three different products – dual detection wireless sensors, antenna and gateway enclosure. The sensors use the antenna to transmit all of their signals across a secure mesh network to the gateway enclosure, which then transfers all pertinent data to the business owner. 

The Hydra is one of Integrated Security Corporation’s best products and is not only usable for any size facility, but it is also actually incredibly affordable, too. If you have a dispensary and are looking for the absolute top-level national cannabis security services, look no further than the Hydra. 

Production Warehouse Cannabis Security Solutions

Cannabis production warehouses are gold mines for theft of any kind. In order to deter even the most clever of thieves, you will need to invest in a perimeter intrusion detection system for your fencing. Integrated Security Corporation has just the system: The Infinity 2020.

Perimeter intrusion detection systems are a necessity to ensure your entire warehouse perimeter is secure. The Infinity 2020 system is unique in that it does not require any high-tech electronics, works on just about any fence type you could think of and is one of Integrated Security Corporation’s low-cost low maintenance options many prefer to utilize.

The Infinity’s claim to fame to be considered one of the best national cannabis security services is that it has a high probability of detection, all while having an incredibly minuscule false alarm rate. Hard to believe? Call us today and see for yourself! 

Cannabis Security Solutions for Greenhouses and Outdoor Grow Facilities

If you have been shopping around for security solutions for your outdoor facilities and are coming up short, Integrated Security Solutions has the only solution for you. Our state of the art digital microwave system is the only cannabis security solution that is ideal for greenhouse and outdoor environments. 

Our incredibly powerful microwaves only begin to work when a potential disturbance is detected. Using fuzzy lgic, the microwaves are able to determine whether a disturbance is actually a problem or some insignificant annoyance, like weather or a small animal. Worried about the humidity, reflections or fog that would make most microwave security systems obsolete? What if a clever thief decided to try using a false transmitter in front of one of your microwave receivers. Not Integrated Security Corporation’s digital microwaves! These factors will not cause an alarm to sound – even with the sensitivity of the microwaves set on the highest level. 

Contact Us Today

We understand that there are a lot of options and unique variables that make finding a sufficient cannabis security solution possible. At Integrated Security Corporation, we pride ourselves on being able to provide some of the best national cannabis security solutions available on the market. 

We have been in the perimeter intrusion detection system industry since 1987 and continue to thrive. Regardless of your individual security needs, we will be able to provide top-notch security systems with even better customer service. Integrated Security Corporation’s client base ranges dramatically and we are well equipped to make sure you and your business are taken care of very well. 

Our security experts are happy to walk you through our processes and what to expect when you join the Integrated Security Corporation family. We take pride in not only providing the best national cannabis security solutions on the market but also providing the best peace of mind for our loyal customers. Learn more now.