Perimeter Security for Nuclear Plants

Securing any place of business is a unique experience. However, this is true ten-fold when dealing with nuclear plant security. Due to the current unstable world climate, it is more important than ever to ensure the protection of and defense against threats to nuclear power plants. Based on years of first-hand experience, perimeter security for nuclear plants is the most reliable method of protection.

Stay Ahead of Regulation Changes

When you are in the nuclear plant business, you are not just dealing with your customers and personnel. You are dealing with local, state and national regulations. According to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, there are a very specific set of standards that any nuclear plant security system must reach, if not exceed.

These standards that must be properly obtained are called Design Basis Threats. While the actual detail of these threats are not released to the public, it is safe to say that the Design Basis Threats are based on assessments of authentic tactics, procedures and techniques that have or could be used by terrorist groups and organizations looking to wreak havoc in your hometown. These Design Basis Threats can change quickly. You cannot be caught utilizing a low-level perimeter security system to protect your nuclear plant.

At Integrated Security Corporation, we only offer quality state-of-the-art perimeter security for nuclear power plants. We realize the constant challenge that nuclear power plants face in providing the proper level of security and adapting to the ever-changing threats produced on a daily basis.

Integrated Security Corporation is honored to be the chosen partner of many perimeter security systems for nuclear plants in the United States. No matter the size or location of the nuclear plant, trusting Integrated Security Corporation to protect not only the plant but also your local community is something we do not take lightly.

Security Guards Are No Longer Enough

Flashback 20 years — the world was a different place. The need for advanced high-end nuclear plant security was not as urgent, and general security guards could do the trick. These days security guards are a great commodity, but definitely not the only measure needed when it comes to the perimeter security of nuclear plants. Programs, training and ongoing education are all important aspects of creating incredible security guards, but let’s face it: guards cannot be in all places at all times, even with camera systems in place.

Integrated Security Corporation provides unparalleled and reliable options to ensure your nuclear plant is properly protected. Contact us to discuss our specific needs and learn how we can help you!

How Integrated Security Corporation Can Help You

The best way to mitigate a security risk is to cover all of your bases. Security guards are helpful in their own regard, but it is essential to also implement other nuclear plant security measures.

The Hydra Asset Protection System: Hydra Security Fence sensors use dual-detection technology that senses both short-range, passive infrared (PIR) signatures searching for body heat from an approaching person, as well as an accelerometer detecting any vibration from physical activity actually on the fence. Both of these attributes help to mitigate the risk of false alarms.

Infinity 2020: The Infinity delivers unmatched accuracy and probability of detection. It is also coupled with an industry-leading low false alarm rate. Infinity 2020 allows users to retain a high sensitivity setting on the sensor line without being overwhelmed with false alarms by filtering out transient disturbances like the weather. Utilizing first-class technology, Infinity provides superior performance for years on end.

Digital Microwaves: These bi-static (transmitter/receiver pair) sensors operate in the X-band and use digital processing to provide the highest level of performance in the industry. Available in models with ranges of 50m-80m-120m-200m, they are amazing performers that will exceed your expectations.

Sometimes Systems Are Not Enough

Being in the security industry for decades, we understand that sometimes having a top-of-the-line security system is not enough. In instances like this, you may be wondering what else we provide you. It’s simple: Integrated Security Corporation not only specializes in providing top-notch nuclear plant security, but we also specialize in providing top-notch peace of mind. ISC creates custom systems to fit your specific needs along with thorough explanations of the how and why so that you can feel confident knowing you are fully protected.

Get Started Today

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is constantly providing guidance on the best ways to update perimeter security for nuclear plants. Get a headstart on the latest guidance today — reach out to Integrated Security Corporation. We are ready and available to answer whatever questions you may have, all while providing you with the utmost respect and knowledge of any security system provider available. Call us today and discover the Integrated Security Corporation difference.