Infinity 2020 Perimeter Security System Overview & Advantages


In today’s world, a fence acting as a deterrent alone may not provide you with the level of protection you require.  Our Infinity 2020 perimeter intrusion detection system turns your fence into an active part of your security system.  Before an intruder has an opportunity to set foot onto your property you are alerted to their presence, allowing for a preventive response. alt


Since 1987, Integrated Security Corporation has provided the first line of defense at some of America’s most critical locations, protecting against attacks at airports, commuter rail facilities, military bases, and prisons. Backed by unsurpassed technology, ISC is the chosen security system for petrochemical plants, refineries, power plants, dams, and chemical plants.

Our sensor measures changes in current caused by climbing or cutting the fence. 
Simple, accurate,and reliable, it will give you years of trouble-free operation in any  environmental conditions, thanks to the  quality we build in.

Here are the advantages of the Infinity 2020 system


First and foremost, you want your perimeter detection system to be a welcome asset for your security personnel.  We understand this and give you a system that accurately detects intruders while minimizing false alarms. electrical sub-station ISC offers the lowest false alarm rate in the industry and practically no nuisance alarms.  


The Infinity 2020 system is engineered to last.   You can expect years of trouble-free operation, which is why we can offer a 3 year warranty.  Please take the time to review our system components section to see the quality of our components.   

Value -- Low cost Installation with no annual maintenance requirements

There are no electrical components on the fence, making installation simple and efficient.  If you are an integrator or end-user that wants to install our system, we do not require a trip that is both costly in time and expense to our facility for training.  We can send one man to your site for a few days and you will be proficient enough to finish the job.   If ISC installs your system, our crews are experienced and fast.  Regardless of who installs your system, there will be less inconvenience, fewer delays and more cost savings.

The Infinity 2020 is “set it and forget it”.  Once the system is installed, there is virtually nothing that needs to be done to keep the system operating properly.  Another added value is you will find no fence tension specifications and your fence does not need to be regularly adjusted.  The Infinity 2020 system works on fences that are a challenge for other systems.

If your cable is damaged, our sensor cable can be spliced easily and quickly using only a soldering iron, without any loss of system performance.  !There is no need to call a costly fiber optic technician or replace a long piece of cable. 

Weather Compensation

The weather stations gives the Infinity 2020 system real-time data, making environmental conditions a known event, thereby compensating for weather rather than ignoring it or assume that it is a global event and ignore all alarms.  Individual zones each have their own weather settings, allowing further adjustment for localized conditions. 

All Climate System

The Infinity 2020 system is installed in locations ranging from Fairbanks, Alaska to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and from Safford, Arizona to Jacksonville, Florida.  Another advantage is that a sudden change in temperature, such as a sunrise, does not cause false alarms. 

Versatility -- A Truly Complete System

The Infinity 2020 system works on slide gates, concertina wire, decorative fences and poorly-tensioned fences.  We have even installed our sensor cable to protect above ceilings and in air vents.   This versatility eliminates the need for microwaves or other external devices around sallyports, another cost saving. 


Electrical Interference and Lightning Protection

Our sensor cable is grounded and shielded and our electronics are not on the fence line.  This insulates the system from electrical interference and lightning strikes.  The Infinity 2020 is installed at almost 100 power plants and substations around the country with flawless performance.  To further protect against lightning we have DC surge suppression installed in our processor.