Residential & VIP

Integrated Security Corporation is well known for providing perimeter intrusion detection systems for very sensitive locales. These sensitive locations are nuclear facilities, construction sites, cannabis grow sites and more. Integrated Security Corporation also offers VIP residential perimeter security, including gated community security systems, government building PIDS and security systems for large properties. Each type of property needs to have specific perimeter security to ensure every aspect of the property is protected. Luckily, this is Integrated Security Corporation’s specialty.

Gated Communities

Making sure each resident within a gated community feels safe and secure is a top priority for those who are in charge of gated community security systems. The largest issue with protecting a gated community is that these locations are considered highly valuable and can be a target for criminals.

To ensure the safety of not only the residents within the gated community but their properties as well, it is imperative that the inherent risks of the community are thoroughly evaluated and a gated community security system is put in place to mitigate those risks.

Government Buildings

The importance of government building security systems goes without saying. Keeping those who work for our government safe is of utmost importance. Government building security systems need to provide not only high security but also flexibility to avoid any security breaches of the perimeter from unauthorized criminals or miscreants.

Large Properties

It can be a daunting task to create and implement a security system for a large property, but Integrated Security Corporation provides the best security options to protect any VIP residential property, regardless of the size.

For a large property security system, it’s important to make sure the security system not only protects the property itself, but also anyone included on its grounds. The best type of security system for a large property is one that is fully customized to the property’s strengths and weaknesses, while also allowing for flexibility in design and structure.

Security Solutions for VIP Residential Properties

At Integrated Security Corporation, we understand that not every property is the same and each individual property has very different characteristics and needs to ensure it is constantly monitored and protected from outside threats. That is why ISC offers state-of-the-art security system solutions for all types of properties.

Hydra Asset Protection System

Many properties looking for advanced security solutions often believe that standard perimeter intrusion detection systems are out of their budget — Integrated Security Corporation wanted to change that.

Hydra is composed of three components: dual detection wireless sensors, antennae and a gateway enclosure. The dual detection wireless sensors can sense not only physical activity at the fence, but also body heat from an individual or animal. Marrying both of these aspects helps the system weed out false alarms.

When a disturbance is deemed to be an actual threat, Hydra will communicate via its antennae to the gateway enclosure board, and the customer will be notified immediately of the findings.

Infinity 2020

The Infinity 2020 is a one-of-a-kind perimeter intrusion detection system that offers its users a high probability of threat detection with an industry-low false alarm rate. The Infinity 2020 system allows users to experience a high sensitivity on their fence lines as well as a low false alarm rate — a combination that is nearly unheard of in the perimeter intrusion detection system world.

To be able to provide such superior security, the Infinity system has many attributes including the ability to filter out weather disturbances like heavy wind and rain storms. Additionally, because the Infinity system does not use any electronics on the fence itself, the system will not be hurt by lightning strikes.

A huge benefit of the Infinity 2020 system is that once set up, you can essentially forget about it. There is no annual maintenance, repairs are simple, and the understanding and training is negligible.

Digital Microwaves

Many security systems use outdated microwave sensors in analog mode, but not here. The MWxPro system uses fuzzy logic, including the size, shape and speed of an object, to determine if a disturbance is real or just a false alarm. Regardless of whether a disturbance is a real threat or not, all of the information is recorded and stored on the system for easy access and analysis.

Digital microwaves have state-of-the-art narrow detection fields and operate in extremely tight confines that most other microwaves never could. Minimal signal interference is also available due to having pre-settable modulation codes available.

To learn more about the specific security system best suited for your VIP residential protection needs, reach out to Integrated Security Corporation today.