Jeffree Star Cosmetics Warehouse Suffers $2.5 Million Theft

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Prevent intrusion and theft with Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) 

Jeffree Star certainly lives up to his name. He’s a true social media star. Star has 2.8 million Facebook likes. And he boasts over 4 million Twitter followers. His Instagram page? 12.3 million followers. Star even has over 14 million YouTube subscribers! And on YouTube is where Star began posting makeup videos. As a result, he rose to stardom.

 Star used his newfound celebrity and he built a cosmetics empire. Therefore, he’s now a huge target. Star took to social media to break news of a recent attack on one of his warehouses.

 The March 16th theft resulted in $2.5 million in losses. Thieves entered from the roof. First and foremost, these events are awful. But results like these can be avoided! So here are some useful tips to secure sites like Star’s.:

Protect Perimeters With Barriers

 First of all, protect site exteriors!  This is the first issue. Criminals need site access. If they don’t get easy site access, then they don’t get easy warehouse access. Above all, that’s the simple truth here. Try to use a multi-layered plan. More layers equals more protection and less potential for damage.

 Most noteworthy is to try to start with a fence. Always create barriers if possible! This buys more time to deal with intruders. But the fence itself is not enough! Many think a fence is all they need. Furthermore, they assume the more elaborate the fence, the better. This isn’t really true. If you want a fancy fence, go nuts! But don’t expect that fence to keep criminals out. Thieves are crafty and thieves don’t like being told no. A fence is best used to delay them. Assuming more is a mistake. You can delay, but you must also detect. Once you’ve detected, then you can respond.

Use Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) 

 Detection is important but begs a question: how does one best detect at the perimeter? Well, Integrated Security Corporation (ISC) offers the best PIDS! Whether it’s Hydra, Infinity 2020 or Digital Microwaves, ISC will alert you of intruders with your choice of PIDS! Hydra mounts directly to your fence. There’s no cable or costly install. Hydra is so flexible. That’s why it’s your best choice in a partial coverage situation. And with many sites, Hydra is best for full coverage as well.   Learn more about Hydra here!


 As time passes, fences may take a beating. But this doesn’t faze Infinity 2020. ISC knows fences come all different ways. Designed to work on sub-par fence conditions, Infinity 2020 users need not worry. Furthermore, ISC products are time tested. Infinity has been in the field over twenty years. Learn more about Infinity 2020 here!


 As noted earlier, Jeffree Star suffered a break-in from the roof of his warehouse. Perimeter fence protection is nice, but you can’t alarm a roof like a fence. And that’s where Star was vulnerable. Except, you can. And ISC surely does. Fencing in a roof seems illogical and extreme. Digital Microwaves (MWs) certainly detect intrusion. MWs allow for protection in open areas. A handful of MWs and Star’s warehouse roof would be secure. Learn more about Digital Microwaves here!

A Multi-Layered Approach; A Secure Site

 As noted earlier, Jeffree Star lost $2.5 million in inventory last month. This is obscene and can be prevented. Detect, delay and defend is a simple idea. Be aware of a disturbance. The site should design active barriers to that intruder. One can hope a fence denies an intruder, but it’s silly to rely on that. Because fences usually don’t deny. Strong detection and delays though lead to solid defense.  Hence, make thieves uneasy. Sirens or lights can be put in place upon detection. And thieves likely won’t stick around for that. They want the path of least resistance. So don’t give it to them!